It’s Over Now…

So hard to believe that Christmas is but a memory. It came and went too fast and I thoroughly enjoyed my five days off. I want five more days!

I guess I shouldn’t complain. They were five awesome days. And I got a Nook for Christmas. It’s AWESOME. I love it. Much more than I think I’d love the Kindle. I can play music on it and share ebooks with fellow Nooksters. How cool is that? Hm. Now I just need to know someone who has a Nook so we can swap ebooks. 😉

The first book I bought was Nora Robert’s Blood Brothers. I started reading it right away and I have to say I really like the book. I really like reading the book on the Nook. heh Sounds like Dr. Seuss, almost. You can add your own wallpaper and screensavers to the Nook, too. Man got me an 8 GB microSD card to go in it so I’ll have ample room for all the books I desire. I had no idea I would love it so much.

I got some other cool things but nothing really compares to the Nook. However, Man gets major Man Points for buying me shoes – the right size and everything – for Christmas.

My dinner came out great – the meat was perfect. And the cake was delish. My roasted potatoes didn’t work out so well so I ended up mashing them. But that was okay. The mashed potatoes came out creamy and yummy.

Saturday, Man and I decided to brave the mall to get to the movie theater. It was HORRID. I told him I would NEVER do that again. However, we managed to park (about a mile away) and make it to the movies. The people inside the mall were jackasses for the most part and the line in the theater was painful. So we left, did some light shopping, and tried again about a half hour later. The line was much better, we got our tickets, popcorn and drinks and settled down in our seats.

We saw Avatar in 3D and it was amazing. I loved every minute of it. The storyline was a bit complex and heavy at times but overall, it was a good story and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tonight, the Man has to run out to see his daughters so I’m going to hang around the house and start taking down the decorations. The tree is dying and it’s time to say goodbye.

I’m sad! Christmas is all about this major build-up and then it’s over in such a short amount of time. And we have so much to cram into that one day that it seems like you hardly get to enjoy it before *POOF* it’s over.

New Year’s will be quiet. I’ll have the kiddo and the Man and I are going to be hanging around the house, watching the ball drop. Perhaps I’ll make some sort of New Year’s finger foods for dinner. I certainly don’t want a full-blown meal because we’ll be doing that on Saturday at my mom’s. OH yeah, we have one more Christmas to go. 🙂

Happy Monday!

By the way – I upgraded WordPress to 2.9. Seems it has a glitch and won’t let me schedule my posts until the new version comes out or a patch. Soo… I will be posting live. It’s rather inconvenient but hopefully they’ll have it fixed soon. 🙂

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