I’ve been busy


Sorry for the radio silence, y’all but life has been hectic lately. This weekend was a blur – I had RWA meetings and then a wedding on Sunday. And both days involved driving across town. Which was fine – just made for a lot of driving! But hey at least I got to dress up the husband and spend some QT time with him on Sunday. 😉

In other news…I’ve finished the draft of RAVISHING HELENE, the third novella in the Guardians of Atlantis series. I’m very happy to have that draft complete so I can get it edited and in the hands of you beautiful readers. I just love the cover. Don’t you?

And this week I turned in A KNIGHT LIKE NO OTHER to my Ellora’s Cave editor. WOOHOO! This is book 4 in the Realm of Honor series. I should have a new cover soon. I’m so excited about this book. This is the story of Drake and the Elven princess, Sobriel. In case you missed it, here’s the blurb:

By order of the king, Princess Sobriel is betrothed to Lord-Regent Marath, an Elven noble with an evil agenda who’s manipulated his way into the king’s favor. Marrying him will be a fate worse than death, especially when Sobriel’s heart belongs to the sexy and irresistible Sir Drake Attenborough—the human knight who is her true soul mate. Though it pains her, she flees her family to be with Drake, running away from everything she knows to be with the knight.

Enraged at her defiance, Marath invokes dark magic and summons a Fomorian mage to kidnap and kill Sobriel. Frightened and alone, she unwittingly falls into the hands of the mage assassin. With her life in hanging in the balance, a mortally wounded Sir Drake will sacrifice everything to save her. But it may not be enough to keep from falling prey to Marath’s evil plans.

I can’t wait for you to read it! In this book, I introduce the mysterious Sky Elves. They live secluded lives in the clouds and there is one very special lady who has her eye on Lord Eldrin. 😉

Don’t forget you can still preorder book 3, A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER (Maeve’s and Henry’s story) from Amazon or B&N. Release date is January 14.

What I’m reading: The Darkest Craving by Gena Showalter

What are you reading?

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