I’ve Been Tagged

Carol of the Day: Carol of the Bells

Note to self: Eagle Brand Milk has a shelf-life of less than two years…

Been tagged by Marie to do the five weird random things about me. So here goes.

1. I love chunky peanut butter, but I hate nuts in my candy or my ice cream.
2. My favorite snack as a kid was Fritos and buttermilk (don’t ask).
3. I like brown gravy instead of cream on my chicken fried chicken.
4. I love to bake but never eat that stuff (okay…rarely).

(why do all of these so far revolve around food? That should be weird itself! :hiding:)

5. I’ve always wanted to go backpacking in the Amazon, even though I hate being outside, the heat, and camping.

Okay, now I’m tagging five people:

Sandy J

Let’s hear your five weird things, folks.

My magic cookie bars were a success. People tell me they don’t like coconut, yet when they take a bite of these, they can’t resist. They love ‘em. They have that affect on people I suppose.

I managed to work on one scene from MAGIC yesterday. It’s still not exactly the way I want it. I just wish I could get my head into the story again. Like I used to. I guess I have too much on my mind right now to think about writing. I should just give it up until after the new year.

Last night, Sweetie Boy climbed up in my lap with his Thomas Train book. It has a clock on it and it teaches kids to tell time. So we played with the clock a little and then he asked me to read the book. Since I was half-asleep, I told him to read it. And to my surprise, he began to sound out the words on the page. The first page started with “It was a beautiful morning” and he could almost figure out the word beautiful. He was saying it, just not quite right. I was amazed. At four he can almost read! After Christmas, I think I’ll get him some of those first reader books and let him start to learn.

And after being so cute last night, this morning he looked down my shirt and told me he was “just checking”. Boys. They’re all the same, aren’t they? Young or old, it doesn’t matter.

In other little boy news, we got up yesterday and he told me it was still dark outside. I agreed and then he said, “We need to go back to sleep until the sun comes up.”

I heartily agreed. However, school and work don’t wait for the sun to come up. So it was off we went.

Hope everyone is ready for Christmas. It’s only four days away!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.