I’ve decided

People are total idiots.

What is it? Is it the heat all of a sudden? Does it make folks go insane? And I’m talking about the ones on the road. Yeah, I saw more idiots today. Going to and from work. One asshole actually had the gall to back up ON THE FREEWAY because he missed his exit. God forbid if they go up to the next exit and turn around. (Gee what a novel idea.)

Yeah, I totally think folks have gotten more and more inconsiderate to those others on the road. I’ve just decided I’m not going to be passive anymore. Not that I ever really was. I’m a somewhat aggressive driver. hehe But when I have my blinker on for 2 miles and none of you assholes want to let me in…I have news for you. I’m getting in WHETHER YOU WANT ME TO OR NOT.


I couldn’t face my leftovers for lunch yesterday so the gals and I went to Qdoba. It’s sort of like a Chipotle. Fast food Mexican but better than Taco Bueno and cheaper than a sit down place. PLUS, if you get the Qdoba card, you can earn points toward a free meal.

I guess everyone has a reward card of some sort these days. I wonder who the mastermind was behind all the reward crap. It’s like some Corporate Suit decided it would be good for the people and so the next Suit saw his competitor doing it and he had get on the bandwagon and then so on and so forth. Whatever. Not that I’m complaining. I’m all for the freebie stuff. I just detest spending $2309820348 dollars to get a $25 gift certificiate or free chips and salsa. You know?

Round about 3 pm every single day I start to bonk. Meaning, I get to the point where I can hardly keep my eyes open and all I want to do is curl up under my desk and nap.

Oh and… Why do annoying people want to always talk to me? There’s one I can think of that is just a life-sucking force and now she’s taken to hanging around and wanting to chat by asking about my kid and just because she’s trying to conceive, she wants to swap getting pregnant stories or whatever. Yeah, um, go away. And PS I can’t believe more annoying people find it necessary to reproduce. Don’t we have enough annoying people in the world? Is the gene pool swimming with them?

I guess I’m just cranky lately. I’ve have several restless nights in a row and it’s starting to take its toll. Plus we’ve finally hit the triple digits. I’m scared of my next electric bill.

Oh – one good thing. It seems I deducted $250 extra out of my checking account (in Quicken) for no apparent reason. So I happen to have $250 extra dollars just, you know, lying around in my account. And I kept wondering what hadn’t cleared and why the balance was so high in my checking account. Of course now I’m afraid to spend it on the off chance I really DID pay that bill and it just hadn’t cleared yet (even though it’s been nearly two months) so I’m going to let it sit for a while and see what happens. If it’s still there in two more months I’m going to call it free money and pay some bills with it.

Okay that’s all for today. I’ll try to have a happier post tomorrow 😀

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.