I’ve had it

This morning, I tried to vacuum. I have a Dirt Devil vacuum with the pet hair attachment. Half the time it doesn’t work. The other half the time the stupid vacuum cleaner overheats and craps out on me. I can’t even get the whole house done. So that’s what happened today. I was so fed up with it, I put it on the curb with a “FREE to good home” sign taped to it. Then I marched down to Target and got the Bissell Turbo Charged Pet Hair Remover Awesomey Awesome Vacuum.

I got a $20 gift card from Target for buying it there, too. LOL

I put it together and it’s great. And that pet hair attachment really DOES pick up like a magnet! It’s cool.

As I was cleaning, I happened to glance in the mirror. My hair is awfully scraggly and just ugly. So once I got that done, I called a nearby salon and made an appointment for 1 pm.

Now, for me, finding a stylist that can cut my hair the way I want is like finding a good doctor. They’re hard to come by. So imagine my elation when I got in the chair and starting talking to Debra and discovered that shes fabulous! She cut my hair exactly like I told her and styled it. AND she didn’t try to curl my very-natrually-straight hair (plus, it’s baby fine, so you know…double whammy). I scheduled an appointment with her in eight weeks. I am so totally going back. It was worth every cent. I guess I’m going to have to suck it up and realize that paying $8.00 for a hair cut isn’t going to cut it (no pun intended). 😉

Got back the house and cleaned the cat box. Also, the kiddo had pulled the hand towel rack out of the wall, so I repaired that. Then I finished up the laundry and now I’m just waiting on Man and his daughter to come pick me up for dinner. I’m ready… cuz I’m starved. 😀

By Michelle

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