I had this really great, witty entry for today when the server suddenly decided to crap out. I lost it all. SO I will try my best to recreate my hilarity.


Apparently I’m jinxed when it comes to packages lately. I can’t seem to get any delivered to me correctly and the first time around. I had ordered from Amazon Gerard Butler’s new movie Beowulf & Grendel (which, by the way, is quite violent but Gerry is SOOOOO cute in it and I totally dig is lovely Scottish accent…). I tracked the package through Amazon as it was sent USPS but I never got it. Amazon was nice enough to ship me another copy to the office free of charge.

Then my dear sweet friend sent me a housewarming gift. Never got it. Ticked off. Hopefully they will be able to ship it again and to my office address.

All this means one of two things to me: (1) The post office can’t seem to deliver my packages to me or (2) some scumbag is stealing my packages off my front porch.

I’m leaning toward the latter.

So recently I was shopping at Zappos.Com because they were having a great sale. I found these terrific $175 pair of shoes on sale for $40 and ordered them. BUT since I knew of my troubles at the house, I had it sent to the office. Turns out the UPS driver delivered it to the wrong office yesterday afternoon. And do you think I got it anyway? No. I’m sure whoever has the box knows what’s in it because it has “Zappos.Com World’s Largest Online Shoe Store” all over it. I’m sure they’re keeping it and if they happen to wear my size, I will more than likely never see that pair of shoes.

I called Zappos to tell them what happened and they seem to think it’s in the office somewhere. I insisted they call UPS and have it tracked. UPS called me finally last night and the lady said, “The driver might have delivered it to the wrong place.”

Oh, ya think? No shit! I knew that the second I looked at the delivery signature. The driver has been told he has to go back to where he delivered it and bring it to me, though I doubt very seriously I will get them. Damn it.

Such is life, I suppose. No more ordering for me. At least for a while.

In other news… :dallasstars: The Stars won! They are 8-1-0 which is a franchise record for the best start ever. YAY Stars! I heart the Stars. And the Cowboys lost last night..heh heh heh… I only mention it because, personally, I think football is a dumb sport and football players are some of the wimpiest athletes around. I mean, they play – what – 16 games a year? Look at hocky players. When it’s playoff time, they play with broken wrists, bad backs, sore feet. They are some of the toughest sports figures around. And most of them are hot.


Oh… and… I wrote last night. I finished NICE GIRLS DO. It’s done! FINISHED! WOOHOO! Now on to the edits so I can get it to Samhain. Next up: TAKE ME I’M YOURS. How long do you think it’ll take me to finish that one? 😉

By Michelle

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