LOST was a fantastic episode last night! I loved seeing Mr. Eko’s backstory and learning about him finally. He is a fascinating character – as well as John Locke – and I hope we get to see more of him in the future. I love how they tied in the plane crash with him. And here’s a few questions I had from the episode last night. What is UP with Charlie hiding the drugs? Is he going to start using again? Or is he saving it for a more noble cause? Is Michael hallucinating the chat on the computer with his son? Because when Jack showed up and he looked back at the screen, it was all blank. I think something is definitely up with that. And the black smoke stuff that Eko stared down – what is it??

My only complaint about the episode – not enough Josh and I wish Kate would keep her grubby hands off him. Yes, I’m jealous.

We get hockey tonight! :yeahbaby:

No, I didn’t write yesterday. :hiding: Even though I was pretty damn witty (if I do say so myself) and caused several people to laugh out loud. I had an “on” day. Today is not looking so good so far. I think it has something to do with the orange shirt I’m wearing. Is orange an angry color?

Anyway… Just remember, folks: I hate you long time. :hehe:

By Michelle

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