Jury Duty – Round 2

Christmas-Tree2009I got called back to jury duty for this morning. I’m not picked on a jury … yet. But it’s damned annoying that I have to go back today. Don’t they realize I have lots of work to do back at the office? 😉

I did go in Friday afternoon for half a day. I was so wiped out by the time I got home, though. All that running to/from the courthouse and then I had lots to do when I got to the office. Lots of running there, too. Even now as I sit here and think about Friday night, it’s kind of a blur. I don’t remember much from that evening. Sad. I must be getting old.

I was supposed to bake a cheesecake for Saturday night but I just didn’t have the energy. Instead, I made chili and got way too much cayenne pepper in it. Wow. It was too hot for me to eat.

Instead, I got up early Saturday morning and started laundry and made coffee and baked. The whole house smelled like lemon cheesecake and coffee. 🙂 By 11 am, I had two loads of laundry done, the cheescake done, ant the floors vacuumed. I decided I was going to get everything done I could since I had a Christmas party that night.

Man went out in search of the perfect house lights and the kiddo and I went to Macy’s to mail his Santa letter. While we were there, I finished up my Christmas shopping. Yes, I’m done! Except for a few minor things that I can pick up at the grocery store and of course the stuff for Christmas dinner. And I’m really pleased with myself this year. Not one present bought on a credit card. That feels really good.

katty-2009Anyway, so the kiddo picked out presents for his grandparents and his dad and I was very excited to see them all on sale. We did manage to get all our decorations up this weekend, too. The house looks great! Even the cat thought it was great to get everything up. He’s especially fond of the tree. He likes sitting under it and he thinks the tree skirt belongs to him. And all the shiny-pretty ornaments on the bottom.

Last year, he broke several of my gold Christmas balls, so this year I got smart and bought a bunch of plastic ones that go on the bottom of the tree. That way, when he decides he wants to play with them, he won’t hurt himself and I won’t have to clean up broken shards of glass. It’s win-win for all of us. Here he is enjoying a spot of sunshine under the tree.

So Saturday night was the chapter Christmas party. I came home with two slices of cheesake, some ham and these delicious cake balls. Talk about a sugar rush! The cake balls were divine. I think I could gorge myself on them. I also came home with a $15 iTunes gift card – wahoo! I’m trying to decide how I’ll spend it.

House-Outside-2009Sunday morning I had to perform surgery on the coffee pot. I have one of those Cuisinart with the grinder on top. Apparently, it was clogged with grounds because all I was getting was hot water. So I used a straightened paperclip, a spoon and paper towels to clean it out. It felt so MacGyver. 😀 We finally got the grinder to work again, though, so HOORAY! I’d hate to have a $200 coffee pot go to waste because it was gummed up with gross grounds.

Kiddo and I went to church Sunday morning for the annual Christmas Cantata and it was wonderful as usual. There’s something about a full choir and orchestra playing/singing Christmas hymns that will give you goosebumps and make you tear up just a bit. Plus the children’s choir was just precious.

Got my Christmas cards done – or most of them. They’ll be in the mail today. Got most of the gifts together and ready to be wrapped. Went grocery shopping. Forgot seveal things so I have to go back (and it was a total zoo at the store, too; all sorts of brainless people wandering through the aisles and blocking them like they were the only ones alive).

Lots of things to get done Sunday and – POOF – the day is over. The weekends go too fast. And we’re inching closer to Christmas and New Year’s. I’m not ready for it to be 2010! Okay, maybe I am just a teensy bit. 😉

Happy Monday, ya’ll.

By Michelle

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