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The Man is out of town currently so last night I had the house to myself. I watched a little TV but then I decided the best use of my time was to sit down at the computer and do some writing. I struggled off and on with my nightly duties and finally figured out what the problem was. It was so quiet in the house, the ticking clock in the office sounded really loud. And it got on my last nerves. Then, I found I was allowing myself to be distracted by the Internet. Specifically Facebook, email, TweetDeck. I finally had to shut it all down and go boot up the mini. That’s where I do my best writing, I think. Because the screen is so small and I hate the touchpad with a red passion, I refuse to back up and make corrections. I have no choice but to plunge forward. It works.

Plus, I’ve learned my best writing time is between 10 and 11 pm. That seems to be my hour for hammering out the words.

So now that I’ve been doing this writing thing consistently for the last few days, I’m starting to get my process. Forcing myself to write and doing it in a place that makes me concentrate is definitely what works. Oh, and in case you’re wondering – I did write but I fell short by 200 words of the 1000 word goal. :/ Still, I busted the 10k mark and I should be done with the short story in a few days. WOO!

My throat is hurting on the left side. I hope it’s just allergies and I’m not trying to get sick. Ack.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.