Just Call Me Grumpy

Has this been the longest week or what? Geeze it’s dragge don FOR-EVER.

Last night, I took the baby boy to get his hair cut. He so needed it! It looks much better now and it’s not in his eyes.

Then we went home and had a fast dinner and then it was off to Wal Mart. There’s just something about Wal Mart and shopping that makes me feel all better. Ran into a fellow chapter member there in the game section. hehe

We were buying birthday presents for the birthday party he’s going to on Saturday and for his dad next week. We ended up getting Shrek with the bonus 3-D DVD. And, naturally, I had to buy one for Sweetie Boy too. And, naturally, he wanted a new toy.

Fisher Price has these new space hero toys out that are really for ages 3 and up but he pestered the crap out of me until I caved. It was only $12. But you know…several items at $12 adds up quick! Yeah. Um. $63 later…

Ah well. He loves his Jupiter man. He played and played with it. And we watched the Shrek movie in 3-D. It was cute but wearing the 3-D glasses kinda made me feel sick to my stomach. I’m too old for that I guess. 😀

Anyway. I was kind of in search of one of those bounce houses. They were selling them at Wal Mart earlier this summer but they didn’t have them anymore. I wanted to get him one of those for his birthday and I had intended to rent one. But, heck, they cost the same to rent as to buy to I may as well buy one. Right? I have three weeks to find one…

I may end up ordering it online.

I also paid bills last night and it was totally depressing. I will be so glad when I get this @#$)(* appliances paid for! Of course, they were a necessary expense… I’ve cut back on the DirecTV package and went with the less expensive one and now I’m looking at blood-sucking AT&T. I swear, I’ve had it with them. Not only is the DSL not all that reliable, but I’m tired of getting drained every month.

So. I’m looking at Charter and getting a cable modem and their phone service, which will save me nearly $30 a month. BUT, the hitch is I have to wait until the end of September because of blood-sucking AT&T and the blood-sucking year commitment I had to make when I moved just to save a few bucks. EFF that. I can’t wait to ditch ’em. The only downside of that is…my farking email address is going to change. Can you say beating?

You watch – now that I’ve said all that my DSL won’t work for shit tonight when I get home because I’ve taken AT&T’s name in vain. 😉

And summer has officially hit. We’re in the triple digits – maybe not on the thermometer but the heat index is. KILL.ME. I hate being outside anyway so it makes it even more life-sucking to be outside when it’s 101.

Yeah, I know. I’m complaining. A lot. Lately. And I’m still tired and still grumpy.

Yeah. Still.

At least it’s Friday!

By Michelle

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