Just in case…

It seems like I’m doing a lot of things…just in case. Do you ever go through that? I had to have some work done on my garage door and the guy wanted to install the lifetime rollers and the safety cable…just in case. Okay, cool. I’ll go for that. What’s another $110? Right?

Then when I bought my new computer, I bought the extended warranty on it…just in case. Yeah, just in case the motherboard gets fried or the hard drive crashes or whatever, then I can take it in and have it fixed.

I bought tires and they gave me their 60,000 mile warranty…just in case. Free rotations and balances for the lifetime of the tire. And they’ll fix any hole for free or replace the tire. You know, another just in case instance.

We carry home owner’s insurance just in case of, god forbid, fire or natrual disaster; car insurance just in case of an accident (our fault or someone else’s); life insurance just in case we or one of our loved ones passes; health insurance just in case we get sick or injured.

Extended warranties on our cars and home appliances and electronics are another just in case thing. Just in case the car breaks down before it’s paid off…or the fridge goes on the fritz. Afraid your AC unit will die? Get a home warranty…just in case, but be sure to read the fine print because you never know what’s not covered. For insance, if your spring breaks on the garage door, you’d think you could use your home warranty – but guess what? Parts aren’t covered. Only the actual door itself. So I suppose if it falls right off the track and nearly kills someone, then THAT will be covered. But you still get the effing home warranty for $600 a year… just in case.

Just in case scenarios seem to be nickeling and diming us to death. Have you noticed that? Or am I the only crazy person around? I guess I’m just tired of paying all the extra stuff I have to pay…just in case… something happens.

Oh well… had an uneventful evening with the kiddo. Got dinner done and he helped. Afterward, he played outside for about 45 minutes until I made him come in and do his homework, which he hated. He’s so happy this is the last week for homework (and frankly, so am I!). I can’t believe how fast school is winding down. It’s really coming quickly.

I’ve already enrolled him in Kid’s Kamp at the church (which is like Vacation Bible School) and then he’ll be doing Music Camp this year again as well. That will give him two weeks of activities. Then I think I’ll take off work a couple of days and we’ll go do something. I don’t know what yet… but something.

By Thursday and Friday, it’s supposed to be HOT. In the upper 90s. Yuck. Already? It’s not even Memorial Day yet. Saturday I have a bridal shower to go to and then Sunday is, of course, church and Mother’s Day. Looks like another busy weekend ahead. When am I ever going to have time to myself again? I’m thinking NEVER.

In the end, it’ll all be worth it. I know that much.

Okay that’s it for me…Happy Hump Day!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.