Just say no to VD

nauseate.jpgHere’s how I feel about Valentine’s Day:


Yeah I’ve never been a fan. And yeah, I’m still boycotting it. Why should we acknowledge a day that is such…bullshit?

They had a thing on the news about how Valentine’s Day has spread to other parts of the world. Like Japan, for instance. However, over there, the ladies are the ones that give the men chocolates and flowers. Whatever. It’s probably because the men forgot.

I don’t know why I have this undying hate for the day. I guess because I’ve never once felt special enough to someone to make it a special day. I’ve never had a boyfriend or husband yet send me flowers on the day of. Besides New Year’s, I think I hate it the most of all holidays (actually, I don’t even want to call it a holiday – let’s call it a day that is only recognized by Hallmark, Helzberg, and Hershey’s). And what really pisses me off are the women to get shit on V-Day when all they do is bitch and moan about their husband/boyfriend. You know the ones. The ones that are a collosal pain in the ass.

I’m just bitchy. 🙂

I had several people ask me what I’m doing tonight. Um. Nothing. Why? I’m going to go home, cook dinner, spend time with my kid, watch Don’t Forget the Lyrics and then I’m going to bed. I expect not to get flowers or candy or anything resembling a heart.

Well, except from my kid. And he sort of spilled the beans about that anyway. I know I’m getting something from him because he gave me “a hint” the other day when he said, “Mom, I bought you a heart.”


He’s a sweet kid. He really is. And funny. He does some of the goofiest stuff. Can’t imagine where he gets that from. 😉

I’ve been brainstorming on One Knight Only. This is a much more complicated story than I originally thought. And I know it’s going to be way longer than the alloted 20,000 words. So I’m going to just not worry about it and write the damn book. I’m shooting for single title length. I think there’s enough story there for that. And I think it’s good enough to actually see the light of day in a Brick & Mortar bookstore. Don’t get me wrong, I lurve my publisher to death. I make a lot of money off ebooks. But I also have higher aspirations than that.

And I really just want to write books. Real books that you buy from a book store, that sit on a shelf, that you can hold and sniff.

I’ve been working on a new creative project. It’s going to take some time to get off the ground and I’m actively recruiting folks who can help me launch it. It’s a non-paying gig, though, so I’m looking for folks interested in exercising their creative muscle on something fun and fabulous (yes, those are key words here). It’s an exciting venture and one I think could turn out to be grand and eventually pay, but there’ll be a lot of blood, sweat and tears involved. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂

Must dash. Gotta get the kiddo to school and me to work!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.