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Quote of the Day:
Every heart that has beat strongly and cheerfully has left a hopeful impulse behind it in the world, and bettered the tradition of mankind.
– Robert Louis Stevenson

This morning there were stupid bitches on the road everywhere I went. The first one was so busy jacking with her drink – straw in mouth – that she took off about 2 mph from the light and it was driving me crazy! At the next light, she did the same thing. Only this time, she decided to turn right (didn’t bother with a signal) and was creeping around the corner. I couldn’t stand it. I layed down on my cheesy little horn.

The next one I came across was putting on make-up in the car while driving. Ladies, come on! Can’t you take 10 minutes and do that at home before you leave the house? This is one of my biggest pet peeves. That and people who speed through school zones. This woman not only was putting on her make-up but SPEEDING THROUGH THE SCHOOL ZONE.

Now, I speed just about everywhere I go. BUT…I never EVER speed through school zones.

The third woman…had the oldest POS Oldsmobile with rust on it I’ve ever seen. It reeked of gas and could barely get above 60 mph on the freeway.

Ah well.

I took extra time to curl my hair this morning and it all fell out before I even got to the office. :censored: humidity.

Okay…I’ll quit complaining now.

Oh, and by the way – RTFM stands for “Read the Fing Manual” in case you’re wondering. 😉

I worked on Nice Girls Do yesterday. I figured it was time to get that puppy finished and into Samahin especially after the review mentioned it. I have no idea what the backlog for Samhain is, so I need to hurry up and get it finished. Should have had is finished a long time ago.

I also got the synopsis and cover letter done for my submission package I’m sending off to the editor. I plan to get that in the mail TONIGHT.

I also got the coax unscrewed from the wall! My new TV stand is in place and it looks fantastic. Got all the wires hooked back up in the proper place. I moved the crummy old TV stand I had into the bedroom to use as a printer stand. It also have me a place to store all my paper and envelope supplies.

My next purchase will be living room furniture. I can’t wait to get it all. WOOHOO

Okay. Time for work.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.