Karamel Sutra

I was going to write a ranting post for today… but decided you guys didn’t really want to hear me rant. Maybe I’ll save it for tomorrow. 😉

Stress is one of those things I handle GREAT – if it’s work stress. If it’s personal stress, I tend to bury it deep inside me and then the smallest thing can totally set me off. And then I end up either yelling my lungs out at the kid…OR have a bawl-fest.

This time around… I invested some of that stress into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra. Time much better spend, don’t you think? And there was no yelling or crying.

Of course, Karamel Sutra is NOT so good for the waistline…especially after 10 pm. Oh well!

Okay I’m totally proud of myself. I wrote last night! Well, wrote some new material and edited the rest. I finished chapter 2. Yay! I needed mood music last night, so I put on my Lord of the Rings soundtracks and started writing. The darkness of the music gave me the darkness I wanted for the story and so, I hope it works. The second chapter is not lighthearted at all. In fact, the events of chapter 2 set in motion the rest of the story. Cool, huh?

I have to admit, the more I work on this story again, the more I am starting to like it again. The characters feel different to me. More “grown-up” if that makes sense. And maybe that’s because this isn’t a first novel anymore. Maybe it’s before I have grown as a writer and so the characters and the storyline are finally coming together. After nearly seven years! It will be so rewarding to see this book in print someday.

In other news… CHECK IT OUT! I’m a game box!

Is that totally COOL or what? This will be a feature on my friend’s site she’s about to launch. Or re-launch I think. Anyway – check her out. Her site is Shot In The Dark Mysteries and you can reach it by clicking here.

Okay – that’s all for now folks. Have a great Wednesday!

By Michelle

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