Quote du Jour:
“Kids these days. They just don’t get scared like they used to.”
–Mr. Waternoose, Monsters, Inc.

What a pathetic writing day yesterday was. Just barely 1500 words on the WIP. And a sucky 1500 words at that. Managed about two pages on the current issue 117 of the adventure serial. Sucky progress there too.

Suppose I could blame it on the weather. Here’s the forecast for the next few days:

Today: 102
Thursday: 102
Friday: 101
Saturday: 100
Sunday: 100

So. Hoo-ray on that. Oh, and no rain in sight.

It’s like we live in the desert. All the rain goes AROUND our house. There were a few thunderstorms last night, but they were all to the north of us. However, the thunder and lightning was enough to disturb my son. Every time the thunder crashed, he’d come running. I ended up tucking him back in bed, laying down with him until he went to sleep. (And he announced the thunder was going to wake up the sun… hehe)

I watched him sleep until I started to doze off. When I realized my rear was hanging off the edge of his bed, it was time to get up.

He has the most angelic face when he sleeps, too. But I guess most kids do. He was right crabby when he got up this morning, destroying that “he’s so sweet” mental image. :plain:

Anyhoo.. Watered the yard last night. DS helped me. He turned it off and on when I got the sprinkler situated where I wanted it. I’d swear it makes the house cooler just watering around the perimeter.

I finally received my BMWFilms.Com DVD in the mail. WOO! They are five minute films featuring one of BMW’s cars. I had seen a few of them on their website, but was dying to see the rest of them (staring Clive Owen as the driver – YUM). So I popped in the DVD last night, thinking it’d be an okay thing to watch with my son up and around. Not much violence. They aren’t rated because they were on the Internet, and it was about a bunch of car chases. Or so I thought.

So, one of the films was about a little boy from Tibet, picked up by the driver (Clive.. MmMm). A car chase ensues and when the driver drops the boy off at a house, the bad guy takes the kid to the back and starts to inject him with some poison. He used this REALLY BIG syringe. Of course, the driver saves the little boy before anything bad happens.

But as this is going on, my son literally FREAKED OUT and starting shouting for me to turn it off. We had to have the talk about how movies and shows are just pretend and it’s not real. Then I showed him the making of and he calmed down. But I still felt like a bad parent. :crazy:

Going to the gym tonight. I have my bag in my car and my book. I’m going to be a good girl and go workout, even though I’ve shirked the workout for about a week now.

By Michelle

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