Quote of the Day:
Never speak of yourself to others; make them talk about themselves instead: therein lies the whole art of pleasing.
– J.E de Goncourt

Fortune of the Day:
Discover your companion’s world. Two worlds are richer than one.

I got the balance of my advance from Samhain yesterday. WOOHOO! Oh, and that reminds me – I have a July 11 release date! I think I’m going to splurge and instead of depositing it, I’m going to cash it and just have a big ole time this weekend. I’m going to take the Sweetie Boy to see Ice Age 2 tomorrow and then on Sunday it’s off to my bro’s house for an Easter egg hunt. Should be fun.

And I am the proud owner of a 2006 Kia Spectra SX in sapphire blue. I got to the car dealership yesterday at around 12:45 and the lady greeted me on the show-room room. She was prepared. She had already pulled around the two cars we had discussed – a Rio5 and the Spectra. I test drove them both and discovered that, even though the Rio is cute and zippy, there wasn’t a lot of legroom in the back. The Spectra was also cute and zippy but did have the legroom, the power windows and locks, and AM/FM/CD, and a very large trunk. It was a no-brainer for me after that.

They gave me a very nice trade on my Tahoe and I managed to bring my payments down $400 a month. When they made the offer, I nearly fell out of the chair. I think I heard cha-ching in my head or something. I will be saving $400/month on the car payment alone. WOW! I drove my little zippy Spectra – who is named Kiki Kia by the way – home that afternoon. It’s a manual transmission and it’s been years since I’ve driven one. But it’s like riding a bike – you don’t forget. I love driving a stick! It’s got a lot of pep for a small sedan, really. So, folks, I’d like to introduce you to Kiki:

Aw! She’s cute! This is the color and everything and LOOK! I have a spoiler! I’ve never had a car with a spoiler before. Anyhoo…it surprised me how much I actually like the car. I guess I had expected to hate it because it’s not an SUV and I’ve been driving one of those for the last six years.

And Devon – you’re right. When it’s time to buy another one, I might just be able to get that cool sports car that match my favorite pair of shoes. 😉

Okay, off to work. Gotta call the insurance agent today.

By Michelle

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