Misty Evans: La Vida Fashionista

Today, I’m pleased to have my friend and fellow Fashionista, Misty Evans, guest blogging. She and I share a love of beautiful clothes and, well, writing! Misty has some fabulously fabulous books. Her latest, Witches Anonymous, recently hit Samhain’s Top 10 list!  So, won’t you take a moment to check out her books? You won’t regret it. 🙂

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I fell in love with Confessions Of A Shopaholic by Sophia Kinsella years ago, before everyone knew how to speak Prada or the term ‘shopaholic’ became a sought after title. When I began writing fiction myself, I discovered how fun it was to live out my fashion addiction vicariously through my characters. My real-life budget was slim; my characters, however, were living la vida fashionista.

Amy, in Witches Anonymous, sums up my alter ego perfectly with this statement, “I have only one vice in life-lust. I lust for sinful men, dark chocolate and designer shoes.” In Amy’s closet, you’ll find D&G as well Louboutin. She actually went to Paris for a special pair of Louboutins. You can read why and what kind of trouble they got her into here. Trust me, they were worth every penny and then some.

Zara, in I’d Rather Be In Paris, is tagged by fellow CIA employees as a pampered rich girl. While she hates being lumped into the Paris Hilton category, she isn’t about to give up her Prada lifestyle. A pivotal point between Zara and her partner, Lawson, comes when he helps her take off a very expensive Valentino dress before they enjoy a night together…

Zara thought about it for a moment, looking down at the folds of white silk covering her legs. It would be a shame to wreck such a wonderful dress, but…

“Forget the dress. I can replace it if necessary.”

A sensual smile danced on Lawson’s mouth, and he stepped toward her. “You had to think about it.”

She took a step back. “It is a Valentino.”

The next morning, she wakes to find the Valentino hanging on a nearby wardrobe. At that moment, Zara realizes that Lawson gets her, all because he hung up her dress.

In the story I’m writing now, my heroine Brigit isn’t into fashion. She shuns suits and designer labels and is most comfortable wearing Gap. I share her down-to-earth love of clean lines and colorful layers. Gap also fits my budget and my lifestyle with twin boys and a dog who needs lots of exercise. What I gave Brigit was a love of lipstick.

“Wicked Woman?” Truman walked back into the bedroom and held up several tubes of lipstick. “Drama Diva? Professional Pink? Brickhouse? Where on Earth do you find these crazy colors?”

“The Rimmel beauty counter.”

“Have you ever worn any of them?”

Not often. Mostly she bought them for their names. They made her believe that if she did wear them, they’d provide whatever their name promised.

Ah, yes, fashion labels can often provide whatever their name promises…shopaholic, pampered rich girl, or maybe, smart investor like Rebecca Bloomwood. Until my fashion budget grows, however, I’ll have to keep living la vida Fashionista through my fictional characters, but oh what fun I have with them!

Misty Evans is an award-winning, multi-published author of CIA thrillers and paranormal comedy. If you like your heroines well-dressed and your action fast-paced, check out her books at http://www.readmistyevans.com. You can also catch Misty living la vida fashionista at http://www.solestruckfashions.com where she writes a monthly fashion column.

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