Last Day…

Today is the last day of school. The kiddo only goes a half day and then he’s out until August 25. He asked me the other day if I had to work this summer. I wish I didn’t! I wish I got three months off. hehe

He had his end of year party yesterday and I volunteered to help. It was hot and humid and I sweated my patooty off. He got out early again and I took him to the office with me. He was so good there! He played his Gameboy. I told him being at the office was like being in a library – he had to keep his voice down. It worked. By about 4 pm he started to get restless so we headed home. I did manage to get quite a lot of work done which is amazing. haha 

He passed out on the way home. In order to wake him up, we made a trip to the big Wal-Mart. Of course they had Indy toys. Of coures, I totally impulsed bought. But hey – I couldn’t pass up the talking Indy doll (about the size of a GI Joe) and the kiddo was salivating over Indy’s whip (it has sound effects). Yes, I spoiled him terribly yesterday. When we got to the check out, the lady said, “WOW! You must have been VERY good.”

I said, “Are you kidding? The Indy doll is for me.”

She cracked up. 😀

Had leftovers for dinner and he played and played and played with the whip and the talking Indy doll. He had to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark and he told me that he was an Indy fan from now on. I love that. I grew up with Indy, so it’s really cool to see another generation become a huge fan.

Birthday was good. Had dinner at Outback and custard at Sherridan’s afterward. I got a bunch of great stuff including a really cool bookshelf from Ikea. I’d been eyeing it for a while. It’s got a half-glass door and it just ROCKS.

I dabbled on the book yesterday a little before I headed to the school. Starting next week, I’m setting aside an entire evening to devote to writing while the kid entertains himself. I have a feeling, though, it’s still going to be slow going.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.