Last Day

Today, I’m blogging at Samhain. My post will be up at 9 am, if you’d like to stop by. Click here.

And the winner of yesterday’s $10 gift card is Denise! Congrats, Denise!

I have 8 more hours to work and then I’m on vacation for SIX WHOLE WORKING DAYS. I’m really looking forward to the RWA conference next week. I realized the other day this is the first “real” vacation I’ve taken in eleven years. That’s sad.

Hard to believe my trip is so close. I’ve only been planning it for the last six months. Man has requested I type up my itenerary so he knows where I am and what I’m doing. On the off chance anything happens to me. I told him I was going to ride the Metro from the airport to the station near the hotel and I got the lecture on Train Safety 101. I also did some R&D yesterday to find out about the hotels, the Metro, and the airport. The train will only cost $2.55 as opposed to a cab. Yeah, I like that total a lot.

A group is going on the haunted DC walking tour on Friday and I’m trying to figure out everything I’m doing so I can attend. I think there’s a Samhain event that night but I can’t remember. This weekend will be about getting all that together. I have an entire folder with paperwork I need to take with me. I’m going to need a checklist, I think.

Yesterday, I got a lot of edits done on the Phoenix book. I’m about halfway through chapter six but it’s slow going. I’m trying to dig deep and get it right. My CP has been immensely helpful with her comments. Plus I’m reading her work and loving her story.

I couldn’t deal with cooking last night either, so the kiddo and I went to Rosa’s and I stuffed myself on their three chicken tacos. It was so good. Tonight I can’t deal with cooking again so I’m making pizza. LOL

And tomorrow morning is my local chapter meeting. Which reminds me… I need to print more guest packets.

Time to shower and then it’s off to work for my last work day. Woohoo! Happy Friday!

By Michelle

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