Latte Factor

Quote du Jour:
“I ran all this way in cha-cha heels!”
–Fender, Robots

Soooo… this morning, I totally Latte Factored (that’s what Husband calls it). I stopped at Starbucks on the way in this morning and got my usual and my son’s usual (he loves those green tea frappacinos… weird, I know).

It became readily apparent I go to Starbucks way too much. They recognize me there now and the girl at the drive-thru said, “I know who you look like now!” Um. Okay. She told me I look like a young Christie Brinkley. Wow. She apparently needs glasses. Or a lobotomy.

It’s really not necessary to butter me up to buy your coffee. Already a fan.

Anyhoo… Just want to say that THIS is a tragedy:

(Sorry, Colin, let me ‘splain – Josh Holloway [Sawyer on LOST] and Wife.)

HOW can this totally hunk of a man be married to HER? He at least needs someone good looking with him. Like me. Especially since I look like Christie Brinkley. HA! :thumbsup:

No writing yesterday. Totally brain dead. I just checked my email and then I was done for the night.

(and, um, yeah.. way too much usage of the word “totally”… need to throttle that back some…)

By Michelle

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