Lazy Sunday

I love those Sundays where you lay on the couch, windows open, reading your favorite book…the breeze flutters the curtains at the window and outside you hear children playing. That is my favorite kind of Sunday and it was one such day yesterday.

I think I should back up first, though… Saturday was super hectic. Went to Kiddo’s soccer game and they kicked some serious butt. Those boys all played hard and did so well. After that, I met up with Man and we headed to Chili’s to chow down on some burgers and watch most of the third quarter of Texas-OU game (Texas won – yay!). We stuffed ourselves silly.

Then it was on to the Hulen area where we headed to the BBQ place and purchased some miscellaneous BBQ items for his grill which actually lives in my back yard. After that, we headed across the street to peruse Lowe’s for various bathroom items. I wanted to get some pricing on some things. I guess we’re weird – we enjoy walking about Lowe’s and looking at everything from appliances to bath tubs to lighting. And since I’m in desperate need of new shower areas in both bathrooms, it was nice to walk through and get an idea of what it would cost.

More walking ensued as we headed to the mall and Macy’s. Bought some new pants for me and then we headed to the food court for cookies and drinks and some serious people watching. There are some very strange people in the world… I thought that as I munched on my Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookie. It was tasty. That and my giant Coke. YUM.

I dragged him to the Container Store next – and actually I didn’t have to drag him. He loves the store as much as I do. Spent more money there on a thing to hang the ironing board on (it’s SO cool too) and made plans to buy shelving at a later date for over the washer and dryer. I hope someday to get SUPER organized there. I hate those crappy cheap shelves the original owners put up there because they were, well, cheap and crappy.

After about a good 45 minutes of browsing, it was time to head back to his place where we relaxed, rejuvenated and watched some TV. Then we got a wild hair and decided to head downtown. Unbeknownst to us, it was Beer Festival in Sundance Square and it was SUPER packed. There was not a seat to be had in the Flying Saucer. We walked and walked and walked until we ended up at the Fox and Hound for a couple of beers. He watched football and I watched the Stars lose…again.

He dropped me off at home where I fell into bed – literally – at about 11:30. Walking all day can wear a person out. I slept until 9 on Sunday and it was glorious. Even the cat didn’t wake me up.

Had lunch with some gal pals Sunday afternoon, then went home and finished the laundry, cleaned the cat box and vacuumed. I still need to do some cleaning but at least the major stuff is done. So I guess it wasn’t all that lazy after all… I did catch up on the DVR and read some, napped some, and just enjoyed the lovely day. The weather has been exceptional lately. I just hope it lasts. I think our days of 90 degrees is finally over.

And so now it’s Monday again. Back to the grind, back to work. For a couple of days, it was nice to not think about ANYTHING except having fun. I’ve got a trip planned to San Antonio in about 2 weeks and I am SO looking foward to escaping.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.