Lessons Learned from the Weekend

1. Never go to the Lancome counter in Macy’s looking for AN eyeshadow. Because odds are you’ll come out looking like a movie star (i.e., after getting a make-over) and you’ll have dropped a small fortune buying said eye shadow.

For the record, that all came about because (a) I was bored with my current make-up and (b) Man was bored with my current make-up. I had planned to buy new eyeshadow anyway, but Lancome was unexpected. The girl who did the make-over made me look great and I wasn’t “overdone” either. Very subtle shades. I looked in the mirror and wondered who that person was looking back. So even though I spent a wad of money, you know what? I deserve it. I got a bonus and I should spend it any way I see fit.

2. When trying to look awesome at the Bass Hall wearing four-inch heels, it’s wise to pay attention to how you’re walking down the granite steps. Missing a step, nearly falling into the back of you man, and sloshing wine over the rim of your cup, drenching your hand, your coat and your handbag, is NOT cool.

We had tickets to The Nutcracker this year at Bass Hall. I’d never actually be inside and have always wanted to visit it since it’s construction completion. So Man said if I’d buy the tickets, he’d take me. I was so excited when I saw the ballet coming. I wore a nice red shirt and nice black pants. The thing about the pants, though, is they’re very long so I have to wear tall shoes with them. Never having been in the performance hall, we decided to look around. I nearly killed myself on those steps. They’re very slippery anyway and not conducive for stilettos. I think the thing that was the most awful about that moment was spilling the wine. On my suede Coach handbag. NOT happy about that. The good thing is, I got it off immediately. The really good thing is it doesn’t stink like wine. And THANK GOODNESS it was white wine and not red.

Overall, it was a good weekend. I also got my hair done by my Stylist Extraordinaire. I even went complete with gifts in hand. I gave her a bottle of my favorite wine, a small box of chocolates and one of my signed books. 😀 She’s a lot of fun and makes the long salon visit bearable. Plus my hair looks great. 😉

We slept really late on Sunday. Well, late for me. It was nearly 10 before I rolled out of bed. I cleaned house but there’s still so much that has to be done. I need to sweep the front walk, rake leaves, scrub toilets, clean sinks, scrub the shower. I *thought* I was done Christmas shopping but it turns out there are still a few folks I need to buy for. At least they’re gift cards. That I can handle and it’s easy shopping and a no-brainer.

Went out to dinner with Man and his son, who’s visiting for the holidays. I stuffed myself silly at Texas Roadhouse. Then came home, finished laundry, wrapped gifts, and did other little miscellaneous things. There are no presents under the tree! It really looks like Christmas now.

And that’s about it. The weekend is done. And I’m sad. I love my weekends. This week is going to be truly hectic. The kiddo has a dental appointment on Tuesday. I STILL need to get to the post office to mail a ton of packages. I need to get to the bank. All the normal errands that never seen to end. I’m really looking forward to a long weekend with the family. I plan to do a whole lot of NOTHING.

Happy Monday, ya’ll.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.