Let The Week Begin

Carol of the Day: O Come, All Ye Faithful

Since it’s the week gearing up toward Christmas, I thought it would be entirely appropriate to do a Carol of the Day instead of a song of the day.

Sweetie Boy was exceptionally cute this weekend. After Christmas shopping with his dad (and sworn to secrecy! He hasn’t told me a thing either), they came home to find me playing my very out of tune piano. But it had been a while and I wanted to play. I even broke out the Christmas Carol book. Sweetie Boy climbed up on the bench next to me and I played O Come, All Ye Faithful and he sang along in his sweet little voice. He had learned it in school for his Christmas program, so he knew all the words.

Talk about melting your heart!

Afterwards, he said “Mom, can you play Up On The Rooftop?” Another one he learned in school. So I played that for him and he sang all the words to that too. It was precious.

I had coffee on Sunday with a very good friend. She gave me the cutest ornament too – a Starbucks coffee cup! I put it on my tree the second I got home and I will always cherish it and think of her when I put it on my tree. We had a really good brainstorming session, talking about MAGIC and I think I know what to do now and where to go. I’m going to finish that rewrite if it kills me and then I think I might just pitch it to Samhain.

I attempted to bake magic cookie bars this weekend and managed to burn the heck out of them. Nothing like black crispy magic cookie bars! I cut the burnt edges off and threw it away and will be keeping the somewhat non-burned middle for ourselves. I was going to make my fudgey brownies for the office, but after that catastrophe, I didn’t bother. Maybe this evening I’ll give it a try.

Last night we piled in the car and headed out to the upper echelon of town to see Christmas lights. My husband tells me people don’t decorate like they used to and while some of it was fantastic, I wondered what it would be like to see nearly every house on the street lit up with lights. I bet it was magical and fantastic. I would have liked to have seen it then. Of course, little boy didn’t know any different and he thought it was great. There’s this one house that has a Santa Clause in a huge bed in their yard with a sign that says, “Wake me on the 24th.” I wish I had thought to grab the camera.

Anyway, it’s off to the bank today to cash my very first advance check! I’m very excited about it. I even made a copy to put in a frame and hang up!

By Michelle

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