Life’s Little Annoyances

My Friday started out like any other. I stopped at Starbucks as a treat to myself because I was a good girl all week and didn’t eat out. Not once. So I figured a coffee was in order.

Things quickly went downhill. They made a mess of my cup. It was sticky and gross by the time I got to the office. Had I realized this, I would have insisted on a do-over.

I got to the office and the very second I step foot across the threshold where that broad sits and sees me coming in, I get, “I need help with something.” :dead: Kinda makes you want to swan dive over a sword.

I had only had two or three sips of my coffee and I hadn’t even put my purse down yet. God help me. Since I was called for Jury Duty, I knew I needed to rearrange my schedule somewhat so I did that with the doctor’s office and rescheduling my son’s doctor’s appointment. I get that all squared away and I send an email to Supervisor Extraordinaire telling her of the change in plans.

Meanwhile, I put the lunch away in the fridge, start coffee for the rest of the office, turn on the copier so it can warm up for the day…take a deep breath and head over to see what that broad wanted.

Okay here’s my biggest gripe about people. If you don’t know the answer and have exhausted every avenue of searching for the answer, THEN ask me a question. But do not, under any circumstances, throw your hands up in the air because you’re either too stupid or too lazy to look for something. And then when I DO tell you where to find this answer, don’t scroll through so fast you can’t even see the files. :yelling:

Back at my desk, I’m trolling through email finding my happy place when… yet another disturbance. One of the field workers wants me to download pictures from the camera. It’s 7:45 am, folks. So I look right at him – because this guy gives me the heebie-jeebies anyway – and I say, “You know…I’m not officially on the clock yet.” Despite this somewhat bitchy statement, I take the :censored: media card from him and download the pictures.

Of course, as the leach is leaning over my desk doing his best to look down my shirt, he says, “Is that your boy?”

Yes. Yes, that is my dear sweet child of which I have no interest in discussing with you. Of course then I’m subjected to pictures of his illegitimate child. A daughter. Who is damn proud of being eight years old, according to this dad. Great. Thanks for sharing, I’ll log that away.

This man has, by far, the worst teeth in the world. There this new thing called a dentist office. Hello.

I know. I’m totally being a bitch here. But I call ‘em like I see ‘em.

The rest of the day followed along and I stayed out of my seat talking as much as possible just so I wouldn’t have to deal with that broad. But then things went awry again with events I can’t discuss here and of which I wish for death. And not mine.

I finally make it to five and I dash for the door. I decided on the way home I was going to run home, change clothes, and get a pedicure. It was wonderful too and I now have hot pink toes with flowers on the big toes. Love ‘em.

Today is the chapter meeting. I always look forward to spending time with the girls. I’m off to shower now and get ready.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.