Christmas Eve

Carol of the Day: Away In A Manger

Before we get started: Check it out. Sysenlaw wrote about her love of horses (and me!) in her blog.

It’s Christmas Eve. I have one cheesecake baked – a key lime one. The caramel apple one will be baked today. Along with the beginnings of my cheesey potato bake. We’ll start with opening presents tonight, carry over into tomorrow morning and then finish up Round 3 at my mom’s. It should be good and busy these next two days. Good thing I have Monday off to rest and recoup.

Early this morning, I was sleeping like the dead and having a really interesting dream (it could be a story some day!) when at my elbow I hear a very soft, “Mom”. Ugh. My head snaps up and there’s Sweetie Boy buck naked. He tells me his clothes are wet and he needs to be wiped down. We head upstairs to his room and along the way I get he’s wet the bed. :dead: He hurries up ahead of me and I’m to the last two stairs when I slip. I fall UP the stairs and literally crash land on the second floor, carpet burning my left knee in the process. ❗

Now, when you’re a kid, falling isn’t such a big deal. But when you’re a old person (like me), falling is the pits. It hurt like the devil 👿 and I rolled around whimpering and clutching my knee. I got no sympathy from anyone. Ah well. I stripped the bed and put on clean sheets, made the kid get dressed, and then took everything back downstairs to start laundry. Since it was nearly seven, I figured I’d just stay up and make a pot of coffee. After all, if I went back to bed now, I’d never want to get up.

I’m off to watch the coffee brew. I need it.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.