Little Shoes

Yesterday was a great day for my little shoes! Not only did Best Good Friend give me three – Comet, Spring Raine, and Mother’s Love – but I also got three more in the mail! Snake Skin Wrap, Flirt, and Pointedly Wicked showed up on my doorstep. (None of them are pictured here – this is Bling.)

Flirt is ADORABLE. Spring Raine is so feminine and so beautiful. Comet is just gorgeous. Pointedly wicked it totally wicked. They’re all awesome. And I’m running out of room. AND I’m expected three more! Graffiti Gurl, Bimbette, and Ever After are on their way.

I wonder if there’s a place I can take these little shoes and say, “Make this in my size.” hehe

Had lunch with Best Good Friend to collect said shoes and chit-chat. It was greatness. It’s always nice to get away from the office for a quickie lunch and some good company. Work has been exceptionally busy of late and that’s good. I’m glad. I like being busy. It makes the day go by.

We’re due for another – yes, another! – bought of freezing rain this weekend. Sheesh. Will it ever end?

I spent a good portion of the evening working on contest stuff. I went through and updated my list, then got all my deposits ready. It took nearly two hours to get that all done with all my supporting paperwork filled out. I did all this while listening to Loreena McKennitt’s Book of Secrets. One of my all-time favorite CDs.

I tried to get some writing in, but I found myself dozing with the laptop on my lap. Not a good thing. I’ll have to try again tonight.

I’m glad it’s Friday, though, despite the fact it’s been an odd week. The Sweetie Boy and I will be holed up if it’s going to do the freezing rain thing again. I need to get some firelogs so I can have another fire. AND we’re planning on watching Superman Returns. I did the pre-screen last weekend and deemed it worthy for him to watch, althought I think it might be to “talky” for him. We’ll see.

Happy Friday, ya’ll. 🙂

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.