Long Day & Unveiling

First off, I’m blogging over at the Chicas blog with rambly randomness so stop by if you can. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday was just a long-ass day. One of those that starts off rocky. The handyman came and installed my new ceiling fan in my office. It’s simply delightful that I have a fan in here now. I can actually stand to be in this room with the computer now. Then it was off to the dentist for a teeth cleaning. The it was a beating to drive back across town and to get back to work. I had some broad on 635 try to run me off the road simply because she didn’t like that I got in front of her. And it wasn’t like I cut her off. She was WAAAAAAAAY back there but flying at about 80 mph and didn’t like the fact I was going 70 and moved over into the middle lane to allow the asshole in the pickup to pass by me in the left lane.

It was then that I decided to hit the brakes. She shook her fist at me and waved for me to get out of her way. Imagine. What a stupid moron. Hope she got where she was going without killing anyone.

I left a stack of bookmarks with my dentist. I’m hoping they get scattered around town. ๐Ÿ™‚

MORE rain and thunderstorms last night. What is UP? First the lakes are closed behind they are 13 feet under and NOW they’re closed because they are too high. We’re supposed to have more rain tonight. The ground is so soggy and we’re always under a flash flood watch. Tired of it already. And the humidity. That can feel free to go away at ANY time.

Work was fine.

Oh and Dev, thanks for the tip on the hairballs problem. I’ll check into switching his food. I think that might be the case. And I might even try the cod liver oil!

The chat was good last night. We had a few folks show up so thanks to those who did.

And before I close, I’m posting my new cover for the second book, A Break In Time. I love it! The artist did a fabo job. If you subscribe to my newsletter, then you’ve already seen it, but here it is ๐Ÿ™‚

By Michelle

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