Long Saturday

Well the weekend was kind of a bust. Saturday I drove three and a half hours to my sister’s house… only to sit with a sick child (mine) for the entire rest of the day. He did perk up a little here and there but not much. He had allergies so bad they gave him a headache and made him throw up. So … that was fun. NOT. However, my sister made the biggest, most kickass burgers (grilled of course) and then guacamole and this really yummy black bean salsa. Delish! I ate my fair share for sure.

The graduation party was fun – but it was HOT outside. My nephew got a Les Paul for his present from his parents and he was so happy he wept. hehe Then the kids jammed. And by that I mean, they played really loud rock music for HOURS. Yes, it was too loud. That means I’m really too old. 😆 

By 8:30 that night, the kiddo still wasn’t feeling well. He crawled into my lap and said he wanted to go home. I thought … oh gaw! I knew even if we left RIGHT THEN, it would be at least midnight before we got home. And then he told me he was tired and wanted his bed. Well, crap.

I couldn’t really blame him. I love my own bed too. So I told my mom I was going to pack up and head home. My niece had offered to take her home the next morning but Mom said she would go ahead and go, too. After packing up our stuff and getting everything in the car, including ourselves, and sweating our butts off doing it (It was so humid you almost needed gills to breathe), we finally hit the road at exactly 9:21 pm.

About 2 minutes into the drive, the kiddo was snoring in the back. Poor thing.

Now, I didn’t get to sleep until after 1 am Friday and then got up at 7 to get things ready for our roadtrip. So by this time, I was rather tired. But I had a bottle of cold water and Mom to keep me awake. Those narrow country roads at night are kinda scary. Not to mention very dark. When you look into the rearview, it’s like a big black void. Creepy.

Anyway, finally made our way back to the road to home which is Highway 80. It’s a stress-free drive with little or no traffic but it goes through a bunch of small towns where the speed limit is only 45. So there’s a lot of speeding up and slowing down. However, I didn’t mind so much. It kept me awake.

Somewhere between Mineola and Grand Saline, though, I got a jolt. I saw the raccoon lumbering across the road too late. He suddenly appeared in my headlights (there are NO street lamps on thisroad, by the way) and I swerved to miss the dumb animal. I didn’t miss it though and there was a distinctive loud THUNK under the car. Ew.

I maintained control though and got back on the road, but it was shaking. That was the first time I’ve ever hit anything on the road and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Not at all. It scared the crap out of me, woke up the kiddo in the back, and scared my mom (from the swerving I did haha). She said, though, that I’m finally a true Texan since I created roadkill. Thanks, Mom. 😀

We got to her house a little after 11. It had crossed my mind to spend the night at her house, but she has a horribly lumpy bed and I knew I’d be on the edge of it since my kid tends to hog the entire bed. A full size, even. So we climbed back in the car (UGH) and drove another 45 minutes home. I pulled in the garage just after 12:30 am. Picked up my snoring kid and put him in his bed, then unloaded the car, put the food away, and literally fell into bed.

I let myself sleep in. We finally got up and moving a little after nine. We didn’t even get dressed until well after noon, though. I was moving rather slowly. We stayed close to the house today since it was hot and gross outside and we were still recovering from the road marathon. I finished the laundry, played with the cat, and then cooked this awesome brazed chicken in lemon sauce for dinner. Even the kiddo liked it! He told me it was his most favorite meal ever. So that’s definitely a keeper.

I hit the sack early so I didn’t get any writing in this weekend at all.

This morning he has a dentist appointment to get his cavaties filled. The rest of the day should be just stellar. I can’t wait…

By Michelle

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