Long Weekend

Well I ended up going to the BBQ AND hanging out with Man on Friday. It was a nice day.

Man came over at about 10:30 that morning. We went to lunch at On The Border and then did a little light shopping. We didn’t buy anything. It was just one of ther excursions where you’re killing time and looking at stuff. We went to Rooms To Go and checked out furniture. Plus it gave me a chance to look at kid’s furniture. I found a really cool bed for my kiddo there. Of course, they’re kind of expensive, but it’s something he can use until he’s old.

We split up about 5 so he could go to work and I could go to the BBQ. I made my 4th of July dessert – it’s a trifle with red and blue jell-o, cool whip, poundcake and strawberries. Very yummy. I stuffed myself again with hamburgers and yummy potato salad.

Met back up with Man at 8 pm and went to watch fireworks. He gave me this mocha energy drink which of course made me wide awake until 1 am. hehe We got up Saturday morning and did yard work. It was so domestic. 🙂

We went our separate ways that afternoon. My kiddo came home and we hung out all afternoon watching movies. I was exhausted and ended up napping on the couch while he watched Night at the Museum. After a while, we headed to Lowe’s and I did some pricing on materials for my bathrooms.

Sunday was church day and then I headed to my mom’s for dinner. We got home about 8:30, once again stuffed to the gills. There’s nothing like having dinner at Mom’s. 🙂

I have training class all day today and tomorrow. I’m learning Flash, so it should be good.

No writing this weekend. I was a bad girl. But I plan to get back to it tonight!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.