LOST is back!

marabou Shoe of the day: marabou slides made popular in the 1950s by Hollywood vixens (how does one become a Hollywood vixen?)

I have decided people who drive Fords are assholes. Not ALL Fords – just F150s and Excursions. The last few weeks I have been cut off/tailgated/nearly run into by someone idiot driving a Ford. Maybe it’s because I drive a Chevy. Maybe it’s because they are just plain assholes.

Anyway… new LOST tonight, folks! It’s been so long! I can’t wait to see Josh and his fine self. I’m looking forward to parking in front of the TV and watching him for an hour. I have to get dinner/dishes/bathtime DONE before 8 pm so I can drool to my heart’s content. Here’s what we have to look forward to:



Okay.. NO ONE guess the answer to yesterday’s Name Those Abs. That fine bod belongs to none other than the sexy Scotsman Mr. Gerard Butler from his forthcoming movie 300.

Enough with the pictures already! But anyway…

About 100 words done yesterday on NGD. I sort of committed to my editor over at Samhain I would have it completed by the end of February. I haven’t heard back from her yet on that, but I figure if I set myself a goal with a major deadline to the editor, I can get it done. And done I will. Yes, I’m still working on chapter six. I’m shooting to have it finished by the end of the week.

For RWA members, please don’t forget the Winter Rose deadline is January 15. Entries are starting to really roll in and don’t forget you can enter electronically. Check out all the details here.

By Michelle

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