LOST is back!

Quote du Jour:
Leia: “I happen to like nice men.”
Han: “I’m nice men.”
Empire Strikes Back

I had this sudden urge to watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom last night. But only the beginning where Willie sings “Anything Goes” in Chinese. And I was dog tired but I watched that first few minutes anyway. And then got sucked in and watched my other favorite parts.

It was 1984 when that movie came out and I was so completely and utterly in love with Harrison Ford. My then-best friend and I went to see that movie at least three times during the summer. And I was 12. I drove my family nuts with the stupid soundtrack (I had it on LP… ya know… vinyl) and played it over and over and over again. I had the song memorized (I think I can still sing in Chinese to this day!) and I knew the entire dance routine too. It’s funny now when I think back on it, how silly I was.

Gawd. That seems so long ago now.

No writing done yesterday. My brain is tired. My brain just hurts. I must have stared at the stupid blinking cursor forever. I’ve been trying to come up with a good plot for the next installment of CHC but so far all I have is the heroine falls for the boss’s son. Um, okay. That is so not interesting. I need something spicy. And a name for my hero. He has no name. I need a good strong masculine sounding name, but that rolls off the tongue easily. I thought about the name Aidan but that is like so done (and makes me think of Sex in the City).


It’s definitely getting closer to Fall (well, in some parts of the US, it IS fall. However, here it is still a blazing 100 degrees). And WOOHOO – Lost is back! Let me just say, in a word, WOW. I was riveted to the television last night. Who is this Desmond person and why is he in the hatch? In quarantine? AND UM HELLO! Where the HELL is Sawyer? I need my eye candy and Jack just doesn’t do a thing for me. Sawyer better not be dead or I’ll be highly disgusted with the show.

The only other show I’m interested in seeing this Fall is Desperate Housewives. Looking forward to that show. (Of course, my husband informed me that the finale of Rock Star INXS is on this week. Like I care.)

The Neighbors👿
After watching my favorite parts of Indy last night, I climbed into bed at 11, dead tired. But sleep wouldn’t come. I tossed and turned. And FINALLY about 30 minutes later, I started to drift to sleep. BUT THEN I heard voices. Loud ones. And they sounded like they were right outside my bedroom window. Freaked out, I got up. Just as light flashed through the backdoor. Okay, now I’m totally freaked out. So I go to investigate.

Since we live on a corner (a busy one), the light flashing through the backdoor, was actually through the FRONT door and it was the headlights of a car. Okay. That’s cool. Upstairs I go to see if I can see in the backyard. Turns out it’s the neighbors standing in their driveway. Which just happens to be on the same side of the house as my bedroom. Urgh.

I trudge back downstairs, climb back into bed. With all that up and down stuff, my heart is pounding. Hard. Still can’t sleep. I’m guessing the neighbor’s visitors are evacuees from South Texas due to Hurricain Rita, why else would they show up at nearly midnight? So they have this kid. A whiny-assed kid that cries. Loud. I’m laying there thinking, “Can you let the :censored: kid cry INSIDE for God’s sake?”

Finally, they go inside. But, of course, they have a :censored: dog. Which barked. ALL NIGHT.

By 4:30 am, I was ready to go bang on their door and tell them if they didn’t shut that :censored: dog up, I was going to return with my .38.

Okay, I get they had to bring the dog. But :wtf:

So now I’m tired and cranky. I was running late this morning (AGAIN) and didn’t get to stop for my favorite coffee. I guess I’ll have to settle for the office kind.

By Michelle

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