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Yo! I’m blogging over at the Chicas so run right over there and check it out. This week’s entry is about Female Obsessions Syndrome. 😉

LOST was one of the best episodes yet! It proved yet again that Locke and Ecko are two of the most interesting characters. And two of my favorite. Charlie was totally getting on my nerves but I suppose I can see why. He has his reasons I suppose. And I completely disagree that this season is not as good as the previous two. I think the episodes have been profound and thought-provoking.

Today was the first morning it actually felt like October outside. Woke up to temps in the mid 50s. And since I got my new boots the other day (and the high is supposed to be about 63), I decided to wear them. Along with my new winter white sweater. Yeah, it’s still not very cold for sweaters yet, but I *had* to wear it.

I had a relaxing evening last night. Stayed home and got the invitations done for the housewarming party. Watched LOST and my phone rang from the time it came on to the time it ended! Mostly it was telemarketers which are completely annoying. I swear the second I moved into that house I got calls from folks wanting to sell me an alarm system, water service, lawn service. You name it, they called. I just don’t answer my phone anymore unless it’s someone I know.

In writing news – I have a tentative release date for the second Ransom & Fortune book, A Break In Time. It looks like it’ll be early spring. I’ve got my blurb done and my art request done. So there has been writing progress. This weekend, after I finish touching up the kitchen boo-boos, I’m going to work on making the bookmarks for the A Bend In Time.

Really wanted to write last night but left the :censored: thumb drive at the office. Figures!

Time to get to work. Happy Thursday!


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