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Before I get rolling this morning, I’m blogging over at the Chicas blog about my freebie short story, Eorwulf. So please check it out! 🙂

Quickie Website Announcement: My new site will be ready to go live in about 2-3 weeks. And from what I’ve seen so far, it’s just absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait for the big unveiling! And the designer has been terrific.

Was I the only one who was shocked by the ending of LOST? I was completely blown away, not to mention the fact that I was weepy. Next week looks positively gripping and I can’t wait to see what happens. I thought the episode was great, though I admite I hated the ending. I love Ecko’s character. I thought he was one of the more compelling ones. And before I give away too much (in case you haven’t seen it), I’ll shut up now.

Oh, but I have to say Desmond looked positively smoking hot in that blue shirt. And with the long hair and beard… YUMMY.

The mid-season replacement, Day Break, actually looks pretty good. I think I’ll give it a watch and see what’s it’s all about. I’m thinking Taye Diggs is kinda hot too.

Had a fairly good evening last night. My child decided to throw his entire dinner plate on the floor. Well, it was an accident but made a giganto mess all the same. We had a nice little week together and I’m looking forward to having him with me this weekend. We have lots of errands to run – including a trip to Ikea – and I simply must hunt down espresso powder for the espresso brownies I’m baking for the housewarming. I’ve got to get that menu planned too. Have no idea what I’m serving yet!

Still can’t believe it’s November. Which reminds me – Good luck to all the NaNo’ers!

Today the foundation folks are coming and I’m getting my new toilet installed. I’m deeply deeply thrilled about both projects. I’m really looking forward to having TWO working toilets in this house. Especially because a certain little boy doesn’t seem to have good aim. I like the way the house is shaping up, though. And the kitchen color has definitely grown on my and I’m really starting to like it.

Changes are afoot at the office and looks like I’m about to be slammed with work. I’m so happy about that, I can’t even begin to tell you. And no, that wasn’t sarcasm. For the first time in my entire career, I actually really love my job. 🙂

Guess that’s it for now. Time to hit the ground running!

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