Forgot to blog about LOST.

Once again, the writers leave us with more questions than were answered.

  1. Why did Juliet have the key to the handcuffs in her back pocket the ENTIRE time?
  2. Why was Jack knocked out but not tossed out into the jungle?
  3. Where was Sayid all that time? Was he gased too?
  4. Where did the Others and Locke go? According to Juliet, Ben likes to play mind games. Okay. So. We get it. It’s probably another mind game.
  5. If Juliet knew what the black smoke was and turend on the perimeter fence, WHY did she ask Kate if they were safe when they encountered it the first time?
  6. And – last but not least – WHY are Desmond and Sawyer so gorgeous? When those two hotties were laying on the ground together hunting…oh my stars…it was definitely eye candy. Thank you, Writers.

I thought it was a better episode than last week. However, Hurly is STILL getting on my nerves. Leave Sawyer alone. He’s sarcastic because that’s his endearing quality. Don’t try to change him.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.