Random Thoughts

Happy Birthday, Niece! (You know who you are. :))

So much to say, so little time.

Had Chinese food from Ying’s tonight. I couldn’t bear the thought of cooking. It was great. Had two eggrolls cuz they are so delicious.

I was up until 1 am. Couldn’t sleep. I was still a little wigged out so I slept with my .38 in my nightstand drawer. Made me feel a little more at ease. When I finally did fall asleep, I must have slept like the dead. I still feel wide awake. Not a good sign for tomorrow.

And the concrete guy that was supposed to be here last week and then yesterday or today called and pushed up the pour to next week. *grr* I just want my sidewalk and patio already so I can go out and purchase new patio furniture before it becomes 5000 degrees outside.

First, I’m coveting a pair of Versace sunglasses. They make me drool.


Since I have a birthday coming up, I’ve put the bug in the ear of the one who matters – DH. I think he got the hint when we paused at the sunglass kiosk in the mall last time he was home and I modeled them. MAN, they just rock.

American Idol
I have two words regarding Bo Bice – SMOKIN’ HOT. Oh my. I love the new look he’s got going on with the facial hair. Keep that up there Bo. Highly disappointed that he has a girlfriend. Oh wait…I’m married. RIGHT. Excellent song choice, great vocals, good stage presence as always.

Constantine, will you please go home? He totally trashed my favorite Nickelback song. If Chad Kroeger had heard that, I bet he ran screaming from the room. If you didn’t see the show, yeah, it was that bad.

Carrie Underwood – excellent as always. I’m not a big fan of country, but she does it very well and she makes me like it.

Two down, two to go
Work was peaceful today. I got all the filing done. It was hard on the old body, though. Since all the files are in boxes, it was a lot of bending, stooping, squatting, twisting, turning, punching. I finally just kicked off my shoes and sat in the floor.

Out with the old…
I have officially and finally deleted the old blog. Someday, when I have time, I hope to figure out all the nifty stuff about WordPress so I can design my own template. Right now, I don’t have all that much time, so I’m using a template. Which I like. But I have a certain design in mind I’d like to do to make this unique to me. I will be investing in an HTML book soon. I finally broke down and joined Barnes & Nobles book club so I can save ten percent. Plus I have a fifteen percent off coupon in addition to my card savings.

Does anyone else think it’s a rip off that B&N charges for their membership? Ninety percent of stores these days have savings cards for free. Personally, I think theirs should be too. But I was sucked in anyway and paid the membership fee to get that ten percent off.

And something I noticed today that annoyed me. People who stroll or amble and take up the entire walk space so no one that walks at a clipped rate can get by. I wish I had that kind of time in my life to walk so slow.

Back to writing
Renewed by contract for Ransom & Fortune! I will be writing that serial for another six months. I keep thinking that if I just write one issue a night, I could easily get ahead. It never works out that way though.

Okay.. ’nuff procrastinating. I’m off to finish an issue of each!

And Brenda, please be sure to look at the next post. It’s just for you. 🙂

By Michelle

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