Luggage Acquired

Went to the mall yesterday and bought a 4 piece set of luggage for under $100. It was a total steal. Now that I have luggage – real luggage – I’m really starting to get excited. I also got new black flats because mine were about worn out and then I spent too much money at the Lancome counter on a splurge. Total splurge. New mascara and new lipstick. I couldn’t stop myself, though.

Thanks for all the travel tips! Lori, rolling clothes sounds like a great idea. I’d never thought of that!

Man says I need to put at least one change of clothes into the carry-on, just in case the suitcase doesn’t make it. He has a point. So I’m going to do that along with my favorite nightshirt. At least I’ll have something to wear and something to sleep in! haha

Not much else going on. I had some visitors last night for a little bit and then I blew the rest of the evening hanging out with Man. Needless to say, no writing or plotting done.

But I have luggage! 🙂

By Michelle

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