Made it to DC

Well, I made it. I’m here! In our nation’s capital. Cool, huh?

I really thought I would hate to get on a plane again after so many years but I didn’t. However, I will say this. There is something a bit disconcerting about being stuck in a tin can like Vienna Sausages for two and a half hours. Especially when sitting next to a large man (not large like obese just large like BIG). In his defense, he tried very hard to stay out of my personal space and yakked with the guy across the aisle nearly the entire time.

About 10 minutes into the air, I stuck in the iPod buds and read my book (I’m reading Vicki Pettersson’s The Taste of Night and enjoying it immensely).

Anyway, take off was smooth and looking out the window, I watched the Earth get further and further away, noted the green splotches of trees surrounding houses that looked like Monopoly houses and the murky waters of the Trinity River. The remains of Texas Stadium. Bye-Bye, Dallas.

Flight was uneventful except for a bit if turbulence over Tennessee. And then as we made approach to land, the sights of Washington, DC came into view. From the plane, I could see the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Of course, they were itsy-bitsy but there they were nonetheless. And the Potomac with the afternoon sun reflecting rippling waters. Totally cool.

Washington National is a nice little airpot. I say little because if you’ve been to DFW Airport, then you know what I mean. It’s nothing compared to DFW. Easy to navigate. Made it to the baggage claim and met up with my roommate who landed about five minutes before me.

We rode the Metro from the airport to the Chinatown station where we switched trains to get to our final destination. There was a lot of people on the Metro but really the flow the good and the trains were fast. No delays. It was an excellent deal for $2.55. Our station was literally one block from the hotel. Perfect.

The hotel is gorgeous. The lobby is nothing short of opulent. I’ll get pictures today and post, hopefully soon.  We got checked in and headed to our room which is nice and quiet and away from the elevators – always a plus!

I got here just in time to get changed, freshen up and head to the other side of the hotel for my headshots. They did a great job but unfortunately, no posting until I get home since I don’t have a CD drive on the Mini. 🙂

The photographer was running a bit behind but I didn’t mind since he was so good and so fun to chat with. He’s been everywhere so he could talk about anything. After I got done with that, my roommate and I headed down the street to a place called Open City and had a late dinner. A very late dinner on DC time but my system is still on Central time. 😉

Everything seems to be going to smoothly so far. Tomorrow is the leadership seminar which I’m looking forward to. And then Thursday the conference really gets underway with all the other workshops.

And that’s it so far. I’m sure I’ll have more later to post. I LOVE this internett and Mini thing. It’s awesome.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.