Major Progress

Quote du Jour:
Tess: I woke up in my underwear.
Jack: I bet you looked nice.
–Working Girl

Major progress yesterday and I’m so proud of myself. I got just over 7500 words on the contemporary.

I’m getting closer to finishing it. My goal is to finish this week, do a round of editing, and then get it out there for crits. Then I have a couple of markets in mind to sub out to. Here’s hoping. I like this story. It’s the first in the Coffee House Chronicles.

How could I not have a Coffee House Chronicles with my love of all things coffee?

Am thinking of sending off the first three chapters of my revised fantasy romance to a contest. I know, I know. I said I wasn’t going to enter anymore contests. BUT I’d like to see how the revised story fares.

I got a really nice rejection in the mail from an agency the other day. It was personally written, three paragraphs, and signed in original ink. I can tell from the nature of the letter that she actually read my submission, told me to keep trying and that there would be someone else out there who loved it.

What I read it into that was, “No, thanks.”

But at least it was a nice letter instead of the “I just didn’t love the writing” rejection I got last week.

I fully expect for every one of the agents I queried to reject the novel. And I’m totally fine with that. When I see my return envelope in the mail, I know it’s a rejection and that’s cool. I’m just ready to get them all back so I can plod along. I’m disappointed, of course, and even doubly so now that I’m rewriting it and I can’t re-query these folks with the revised manuscript. Which, quite frankly, kicks some major ass if I do say so myself.

Husband is off to Albuquerque this morning, but he had a later flight so I didn’t have to get up at oh-damn-thirty to take him to the airport. FIL is taking him and DS.

And DS announced to me last night that, “Me and Spencer had bacon!” Um…okay. After some prying, I discovered Spencer is a friend of his at school and they shared his bacon at lunchtime (aw).

Not much else to blog about this morning except for my terrific progress (Yeah, I know… don’t break my arm patting myself on the back). I hope to get more done on it today.

Shakespearean insult of the day: Thou bawdy clapper-clawed codpiece!
(I like that word – codpiece.. hehe)

By Michelle

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