You ever have one of those days where you do one little thing you think is going to be no big deal and then everything falls apart? Yeah, that was me yesterday. I decided to install this one little program on my computer yesterday and it totally :censored: everything up. I lost my Internet connection and everything. I called technical support but when I waited for 230498 minutes (wasting valuable minutes), I hung up and called the only other person I could think of: my brother. He walked me through a system restore and I managed to get everything back the way it was. However, because I had tried to uninstall the retarded McAfee program, it got all screwed up in the process.

May I just say, I hate McAfee? It takes over your entire computer and I HATE IT. I still can’t uninstall it because some of the components are missing TO uninstall it. Well, no shit. I need a service call. Brother said he’d get me a better anti-virus program that doesn’t take over the machine. In this day and age, it’s really too risky to go without one. Anyway, my Internet Explorer is all jacked up and I can’t use it so I had to get inventive (thanks to Brother) and set up my Internet on my laptop, then download a version of IE (which refused to install) and when THAT didn’t work, I got desperate and downloaded Firefox. Which I’m using now. I don’t like the way it does some of the websites (specifically, it jacks up my blog layout) but then I can’t complain much since I DO have working Internet and email again. Right?

Anyway, I braved the bitter cold yesterday to go to Target and get Quicken. I am mathematically challenged, so I need something that will help me balance my checkbook. Doing it by hand is a big ole no for me because I suck at adding and subtracting, even with a calculator. I input all my expenses so far and reconciled my first bank statement and – guess what? It balanced. Happy!

A few days ago, I was at RadioShack returning a cable I didn’t need and I had the little boy with me. He saw this Batman laptop for kids – it’s really like a game computer but it’s got all kinds of educational games on it. He went nuts for it. I went back a few days ago and bought it for him, then gave it to him yesterday. He loved it. He played all day on it. Then at bedtime, he said he wanted to sit in bed with the lamp on and use his laptop. Like Mommy. Aw! I let him.

I tried to watch more Olympics last night but crashed hard on the couch. Woke up to see some of the news and weather and finally stumbled to bed at around midnight. Then I was wide away. My mind would not shut off. I kept having all these horrible thoughts about the situation I’m in. I tossed and turned for a little while – about an hour and a half – and listened to Sweetie Boy snore. When I finally went to sleep, I had weird-ass dreams about a poodle the size of a horse trying to get into my empty garage. The house I was in was not a house I’ve ever lived in or owned and when I tried to lower the garage door, the horse-sized poodle got under the door and stopped it from closing. I actually felt terror in the dream. Managed to fight the thing off and shoo it away and went inside to find my three children being bad. Three? Yes, three. Told you it was messed up.

Sweetie Boy woke up about 2:30, tossing and turning. He said he needed a drink of water, so I got him one. But then he still tossed and turned. I asked him what was wrong and he said he had a tummy ache. I felt his head and he was burning up and then I worried if he had fever and I had nothing in the house to give him. The thought of getting up and getting out when it was 27 degrees F outside was discouraging. I couldn’t leave him there alone and I couldn’t very well schlep outside with him either. So I worried and thought if he still had fever by the morning, I’d get up and bundle us both up and get out to Walgreen’s to get a thermometer and some Children’s Motrin. But…then he started coughing and it wasn’t his normal cough. It was his pre-throw-up cough. I got him up and into the bathroom just in time. Held his head and got a cool rag to wipe his mouth and head (because that always made me feel better when my mom did it). Afterward, he wasn’t hot anymore and still wasn’t this morning. He’s still complaining of a tummy ache and I can’t get him to eat anything, but he is drinking water. Which is probably the most important thing of all.

Anyway…finally went back to sleep last night at about 3:30 and had MORE weird dreams. Something about horseback riding in a large field and I was dressed in a renaissance dress. Hm. Wonder if that’s prophetic?

I was going to see about taking him to the movies today to see 8 Below, but it’s so dang cold out and he’s not feeling well, so I guess we’ll just stay in.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.