Making Progress

Man worked late last night so I sat and worked on the revision. I got 37 pages done! I have 80 pages to go! WOO! I love making progress.

Once I finish the revision, I want to start concentrating on working on the new book. I really want to get my hands into the futuristic and start plotting that story and writing up a good bare-boned synopsis. Besides, I miss working on new stuff. I miss the creative process and I really want to get back to that.

Still no word from the agent. But it hasn’t even been a month yet. LOL! Impatient? You bet.

Man has to work late again tonight. Guess where I’ll be? Yes. Chained to my computer working on the remaining 80 pages. It’s a great opportunity since the kiddo is at his dad’s this week. No distractions! (Don’t get me wrong – I love my child dearly but he’s very demanding of attention.)

And that’s about it for me. Not much going on in Michelle-World. It’s Tuesdsay – you know what that means? It’s taco night! Sweet.

By Michelle

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