Man Doesn’t Know Own Strength

So this weekend went by FAST! Saturday was blustery cold and just downright miserable to be outside – especially for a kid’s soccer game. But I did it. And we hurried home afterward. Poor kid had frozen hands. I got all caught up on my laundry and the contest stuff on Saturday becuase Man was coming over Sunday and I wanted to clear my schedule to spend some stress-free time with him.

We actually got up early Sunday morning and had a fantastic lunch at Chili’s before hitting Lowe’s. I had a list, you see, and wanted to get some things for the lawn and yard this year. I’ve decided to demolish the bushes because they’re holly bushes and I DETEST them with all my soul. I hate trimming them with their prickly little leaves so BE GONE. I bought the turf builder stuff for the lawn so hopefully no more dandelions, a shovel, weed-eater string, a sprinkler, dust masks, a Critter Ridder (for the durn squirrel that has taken up residence in the attic). Why is going to Lowe’s so much fun? Anyhow, we ran a few more errands (I got yoga blocks! YAY!) and then headed home to work in the yard. He mowed and edged while I started chopping down the first bush.

So…I killed it. Happily. He decided to help. Well, Man didn’t know his own strength I suppose because after trying to dig up the offending bush the shovel…snapped. In half. Like a twig. I busted out laughing. He looked mortified. I had just spent $15 on a shovel not four hours before and it was now trash. At least he was a good sport about it.

I still have that stump left there and I need heavier-duty loppers to get rid of the thick branches. And soon. I’m worried someone will get hurt on those limbs that stick up. I tried to cut them off as close to the ground as possible but they’re too thick to cut through for the loppers I have. Thank goodness I need to get by Lowe’s for another shovel. 😉

Anyway, I raked up the leaves that were under there. I swear there had to be leaves from 1992. Ick. Plus, the neighborhood cats use that area as their own personal litter box. I’m tired of the front of the house smelling like cat urine. So BUH-BYE bushes. I plan to plant rosebushes there – antique ones. My mother has some and as soon as I have a spot ready, she’s going to pot one for me. I can’t wait. I also want some other low-maintenance flowers. So eventually I’ll buy landscaping blocks. And I already know how I want it to look.

Not much else done this weekend, other than a trip to the bookstore to browse. I didn’t buy anything but I added a bunch more books to my wish list (and Shelfari). I discovered a new author I really want to try – Kim Harrison. Her books look fun.

I’m hoping to wrap up the contest this week and announce finalists by Friday. If no more problems crop up, I should be able to meet that goal. And then I can FINALLY get back to revising Phoenix and give it my full attention. Although, I still have those nine entries to judge for another contest looming over my head. Egad. I best get busy on those.

Okay, that’s it for me. Time for work! How was your weekend?

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.