I got another 1000 words in on the new book yesterday, but I’m not quite sure they’ll stick. Since I’m writing this one in first person from Delilah’s POV, I’m not sure it works from Sam’s POV in first. In fact, it feels…awkward. So I think for the time being, I’m going to ditch that part of it (save it for later, of course) and then keep going with Delilah and see what happens. It just feels natural when I write it from her POV.

Yesterday was just another day. Not much to report.

And… I’d like to say that I’ve finally launched my new creative venture! You can pop on over by clicking HERE to see it. I’m sure it’ll always be a work in progress until I get things really hopping, but for now that’s the look.

Yes, I’m taking a drive into fashion, something I love. Plus I have a couple of writers lined up to do spot features.

I’m excited about it and looking forward to getting it off the ground. 🙂

The end of February is fast approaching and I didn’t write nearly as much as I wanted to. Except I think that will be changing come March because I have a certain bet with a certain writer friend. 😉 Well, not a bet really. But our own personal NaNo in March. Maybe we can call it MaNoWriMo.

If anyone wants to join in with us, please feel free! We’re writing 50,000 words in March.

Okay, so I cheated, I already started with Sugar. I promise not to get way ahead, though. Maybe I’ll go plot or something… hehe

In other news… well, there doesn’t seem to be any other news. How boring am I today? I’m off to work!

By Michelle

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