Manual Labor

First of all… it’s FREAKING HOT. It was 109 on my front porch yesterday afternoon. It’s supposed to be 107 again today.

Since it was so blazing hot this weekend, the kiddo and I pretty much stayed home. We ran a few errands on Saturday before noon but then stayed in the rest of the day. He played Wii and I played on the computer. Nothing productive I’m afraid. I did, however, get my newsletter out.

Sunday we were off to church and when we got back – still HOTTER than hell – we ate lunch and then I had to head to Lowe’s for some much needed lawn supplies. My foundation is in serious trouble if I don’t do something soon. So I bought a soaker hose and some top soil. I also have cracks in the masrony between the brings – typical of the shifting ground here in Texas. So I bought some masonry caulk.

That afternoon, while Junior entertained himself on the Wii, I tackled the closet in my office. It was full of junk. I managed to get rid of some stuff but other stuff I just don’t know what to do with. The closet was a victim of cracks, too, so I caulked up the cracks inside the closet while everything was scattered around the room. I threw away a large garbage bag full of stuff.

Man and I emailed back and forth the entire time I cleaned and caulked. He was amazed I could do all three. I told him he should know by now I’m a woman of many talents. 😀

Afterward, I cooked dinner and then headed outside. I figured by 7 it wouldn’t be so hot. WRONG. I filled up the holes by the foundation with top soil (I plan to water tonight) and then grabbed my masrony caulk and proceeded to fill the cracks. There were some really bad ones, too. I used the entire tube but I got all the major cracks. I’m hoping that will help my electric bill next month.

The heat zapped me. I came inside and collapsed, not even caring Scooby Doo was on the TV. My poor hands are a wreck.

And this house still needs a lot of TLC. I can tell it’s been ignored.

While I was at Lowe’s, I picked out some new colors for the bedroom. I have officially tired of the dark red and the tomato bisque. Not very restful colors, really. So I’m going for a chocolate/blue motif. I can’t wait to get these new colors up on the wall. I’m kinda of thinking of doing something creative – like doing chocolate on the bottom and blue on the top. But I’m not sure if want to go to that much trouble. It would look something like this:


(Image courtesy of Lowe’s.Com)

And since I’ve decided to change the wall color, that means I have to change the curtains. Of course! Luckily, Penney’s is having a gigantic sale and I got new curtains for the bedroom AND the living room for less than $200 and free shipping. You can’t beat that! I’ve recruited Man to help me paint. It’ll be nice to have someone help me move all the furniture AND get the painting done. I might be able to finish in one day if I’m lucky…

I best get it to…I have trash that needs to be taken out… and a child to get up and going… and I’m praying my old AC unit doesn’t die in this awful heat…

By Michelle

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