Mayfest, Luncheon, and Other Stuff

Found on T-shirt (of which I now own):
Your boyfriend bought me this shirt

This was a very busy weekend for me. Friday night, I had the meet-and-greet dinner with the chapter. We had some delicious food and I still have almost a whole cheesecake. Dang! (But that’s okay – I’m taking it to work and letting the vultures – I mean my co-workers have at it.) There was a lot of great conversation and a lot of laughter. I told the gals I really needed to meet a fireman and asked if any of them had any ideas on how to go about that. I actually got some great ideas from several of the members. Brilliant ideas, really. So the next weekend I have my son, we are baking cookies and taking them up to the fire station and giving it to the men as a thank you for their community service. I am so doing this.

My kid is a heart-breaker; there’s no way they’ll be able to resist. HA!


Anyway, so as I was driving home from the dinner that night (it was about 10 pm), I drove by the fire station and lo and behold there were about four of them just sitting outside. It was starting to sprinkle and I drove by REEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL slow. Since it was dark, I couldn’t tell if one of them was the one I saw that day and as I drove by I sort of giggle to myself and thought, I should take them my left over cheesecake.

But did I do it? NO. Why? Because I’m a big ole chicken.

So the next morning came and it was time for the luncheon. Alicia Rasley did one of her workshops and it was really fantastic. I enjoyed hearing her talk.

During the luncheon, Kerrelyn Sparks sat at our table and we got to get to know her. She’s a wonderful lady, very nice and very sweet. I’m so happy I bought her latest release and got her to sign it for me! She did a workshop with Colleen Thompson and it was terrific. As the bio was read for Colleen Thompson, I discovered she’s married to a firefighter and of course my head snapped up. I looked at the chapter member sharing my table, my eyes all wide and she mouthed the words, It’s fate!


Fate that I’m surrounded by all things firefighters? Hm.

Colleen offered to send me a link to buy the Houston-area firefighter calendar. Proceeds benefit the children’s burn unit. It’s for a good cause. And I get to stare at hunky men for the rest of the year. Maybe some of them are single! She also said she’d ask her husband if she knew of any single firefigters in my area, since he knows them from all over. GO ME! :yeahbaby:

(But I’m not waiting for that – oh no – I’ve decided to go to my local Citizens Fire Academy. I’m faxing my application today! :rockin:)

Anyway, later that night, we had dinner with the two speakers and the editor who came from Harlequin. I pitched MAGIC to her and talked to her about it and when I read my blurb she actually said, “WOW.” Encouraging. So she said to send me a synopsis and the first three chapters and she’d take a look and see what she thought. If she thought it was worth pursuing, she’d talk to the acquiring editor at LUNA about it. Trying not to get excited about it but I feel like I have a foot in the door. Sorta.

Since I had to pick up Sweetie Boy for the weekend, I took him to dinner with me. Now, this could have gone REALLY bad if he had been in a horrible mood. But I pretty much know my kid and he’s awesome when we go places. So, I took a deep breath and decided to take him. I got there first and got us on the wait list. Which was actually smart since they didn’t have to wait long by the time they got there. We went to Abuelo’s by the way.

Dinner was smashing and we all got to visit with the two authors and the editor. Turns out my son seemed to develop a crush – and quickly – on the editor! She’s adorable, too, by the way. We sat by the fountain and he explained to her – in depth – how it worked. She told me she was amazed by how smart he was and (thankfully) he was REALLY well-behaved. As we were leaving, she said, “I can tell everyone I met a man in Texas.”

So dinner went great. And my child was an angel. :relieved: And we all had a great time.

Are you still with me here? If so – bravo!

Sunday, I met up with my brother, sister-in-law, her sisters, and their kids for Mayfest. Mayfest is this really nifty art festival that goes on in Fort Worth in Trinity Park and it was the first year I went. I can’t believe it too since I’ve lived on this side of the metroplex for over eight years.

Anyway – EVERYTHING costs a coupon. Crap, they coupon you to death there. Food, rides, drinks, ice cream, EVERYTHING! Luckily, it was free for Sweetie Boy to get in, so that was cool. I spent my last eight bucks on coupons so he could (a) get a corny dog he didn’t eat and (b) go through a few of the bounce houses. The big smile on his face when he came out of them made it all worth it.

I bought the COOLEST Coach handbag from a dealer there. Man, it’s neat. Oversized and colorful. I love it! And the aforementioned t-shirt, as well. I can’t wait to wear it around town. LOL

I actually got sunburned at Mayfest and it was cloudy the entire time we were out there. Retarded.

Okay – it’s time to shut up now. I had a great weekend, as you can tell. I’m only sorry that it’s Monday morning and I have to start this dreaded week all over again. At least I have my Monday night Starbucks party to look forward to. WOOHOO!

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