Medieval Card Games

Yesterday, I wrote about 1800 more words on the WIP. But I had to stop and do some research on medieval card games because I decided to add a detailed scene about my hero’s gambling habit – card games. I did a quick search on the internet but didn’t find much on 14th century card games so I’m going to take one I did find and sort of make it work for my story.

As I started writing, though, I discovered I needed some visual aides. I got out a deck of cards and dealt myself the hand of 13 cards I wanted so I could write it out specifically. While in the middle of this, the kiddo comes wandering in to ask me a question but pauses in the threshold of the door.

“What are you doing, Mom?”

“I’m working on something.”

“Are you playing a card game?” He steps in, examins the cards.

“Not really. I just needed something for the story I’m writing.”

I had grouped the cards by suit and then organized from lowest to highest. He was very interested in the fact that I had two of the same numbers in there and pointed it out. He pointed it out and asked me what the game was about. I laughed and told him I was making it up as I went along. I didn’t get to finish the scene – my head hurt too bad and my eyes were starting to cross. So I had to wrap it up for the night. It’s okay, though. I needed time to figure out the scene and the card game. Meanwhile, my poor heroine is locked in a cold, dark cell all alone with her ankles and wrists tied and she thinks she ‘s going crazy. My hero better hurry up and win that card game so he can get to her. haha

I was asked to do a guest blog post for one of my groups in early March, so I added that to my calendar. Now I just need to come up with a topic! Hopefully all the guest blogging I’ve been doing will pay off with lots of book sales. Oh, and I may have some news in the coming days, so stay tuned.

I’m glad it’s Friday and the weekend is here. I’m looking forward to getting my hair trimmed up on Saturday – my bangs are driving me nuts. Man and I are going to try and go downtown to see what ESPN is up to in Sundance Square. Not sure what else we’re going to do.

It’s supposed to get super cold next week – we may even have some snow flurries on Tuesday. Is it bad that I’m hoping for a snow/ice day so I can stay home and work in my jammies? 🙂

Happy weekend!

By Michelle

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