Menus and Coupons

I’m not the only one concerned about the rising cost of food prices. Yahoo shared some tips about keeping the grocery bill down, but I already knew those.

After analyzing my budget yesterday, I decided I would try something new with my food budget. I got myself a calendar marker board ($6 at Target) with a dry-erase market and made up a menu for the next two weeks. I went through several magazines (I use Woman’s Day and Fitness) for nutritional and easy recipes. What I love about Woman’s Day, too, is they have a monthly menu planner with shopping list on their website. But that doesn’t really work for me because I know my son. He’s not going to eat most of that stuff on there. So what I did was flip through the magazines and found good recipes – some you can even get two meals out of one. So I clipped the recipes. And the best part is I have most of the ingredients on hand already. The others I would buy anyway. I love those kind of recipes!

Anyway, then I clipped my coupons from two weeks worth of Sunday newspapers. I set aside the ones I knew I’d use when I shopped and put the ones I knew I wouldn’t in my organizer.

Man gave me his old grill so I now have that as an alternative cooking option. I have scheduled into the menu grilled chicken and hamburgers. 😀

Now armed with a menu for the next two weeks, I started to make a list. I always forget something, though. So I went to the Internet and found a great online grocery checklist tool. I thought this was great! I simply check off what I’m going to buy and then print it out.

I went to the store this morning and spent about $7.00 less than normal. I also saved $4.00 in coupons. Even though it might be a pain in the butt to clip the coupons, I think it’s so worth it in the long run. On average, I save about $4-$5 per two weeks. That’s $117 a year!

I feel so…organized. And it makes me happy to know what I’ll be cooking for the next two weeks – and there’s not one repeat the entire two weeks. Of course, I have factored in “no cook” days. I call them “Free For All” days. hehe

So, tonight we’re having beef tenderloin wraps. And tomorrow… chili dogs!

By Michelle

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