Mermaids, Zombies and Jack Sparrow

This weekend, to celebrate both our birthdays (his this past week and mine upcoming), Man and I took the kid to see Pirates 4. I knew it would be the last opportunity we had to get to the movies since our spending goes on hiatus as of now. No more fun for a while anyway.

I have to say, I quite like the movie! It’s a fun adventure movie with action from the opening scenes to the very last scene. Jack Sparrow is after the Fountain of Youth and has stolen the map to get there (as you’ll recall from the final scene of At World’s End). He teams up with Blackbeard’s daught, played by Penelope Cruz, who is desperate to find the fountain and save her father’s black soul. And it IS black. Ian McShane gives life to Blackbeard and shows that no one is safe from his wrath. Not even a gentle priest. His crew is manhandled by zombies who dole out their cruelness with glee to keep the crew in line. Geoffrey Rush returns as Barbosa, now a privateer for HRM’s Navy. He joins the race to the fountain, desperate to be the Spanish to the silver chalices.

Oh, and did I mention there are mermaids? Lovely creatures with fangs, as a matter of fact, who have voices like angels. Though these are certainly no angels. 😉 If you’re a fan of the trilogy, I think you’ll like this new installment. It’s a lot better than the last one. Even though it’s over 2 hours, it doesn’t feel like the action is dragged out for action’s sake. The storyline is concise and the adventure keeps us involved with the characters and their plight. In fact, the 2 hour length felt to pass by quickly and I found I didn’t want to check my watch to see how much longer.

So that was our big adventure this weekend. That and grocery shopping, laundry, and all the other weekend-related chores. I also managed to finish reading A Game of Thrones and am now looking forward to reading Soul Survivor by my good friend, Misty Evans.

By Michelle

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