Michelle Miles: An Interview With My Hero

onlyforaknight_msrAn Interview with Lord Derron, Knight of the Realm, Protector of the Otherworld, Guardian of the Sword of Light

Welcome, everyone! I’m sitting here today talking with Lord Derron, all-around hot and sexy Fae knight and hero in my newest fantasy romance, Only For a Knight. Which comes out TOMMOROW! Can I get a WOOT WOOT?

Derron clears his throat, clearly annoyed with my wooting.

Oh, sorry, I guess that was off topic. Welcome, Lord Derron! Let’s start at the beginning. As I understand it you spent quite a lot of time in the human realm—my domain. Grins. Now that you’re back in the Otherworld, do you miss being a jousting hero?

Sometimes. Okay, aye, I do. There is something incredible about having the power of a beast between your legs while riding full tilt toward another man dressed all in armor, pointing a sharp stick at him. It’s great fun. I find it wildly exciting. A real rush.

I understand you and Elyne had a betrothal that was broken at your behest. Do you now regret that action?

Well, if I hadn’t broken the betrothal—which is actually your fault, Ms. Author—then Elyne and I would never have had the adventure we had. Would we? It’s been quite a ride.

Looking innocent. Not my fault. I merely wrote the story* the way you told me. And anyway, yes, it has been quite a ride. Can you tell me a little about that?

Elyne was in prison for saving my life in the human realm. The woman turned back time for me so I owed her. I couldn’t leave her there while I went on my quest to find my father and the Sword of Light. I broke her out of the Fae prison and took her with me. I’m certainly glad I did.

I bet you are! How was it having her along for the quest?

Quite useful, actually. Despite the fact she had no magic for the duration of the trip, she did manage to acquire help from the Elves in our battle against the Dark Elf, Lord Kieran. I’m sure you, as the author, are aware of his dangerous behavior? Killing Fae nobles and stealing the Four Treasures.

Derron gives me a narrowed-eyed look. I shift uncomfortably and clear my throat.

Quite. Not a good guy at all. Sorry about that.

No hard feelings.

I understand you’ve had the pleasure of joining forces with not only the Elves but dragons as well. Can you tell us a little about that?

Aye, the dragons. Riding during dragonflight is breathtaking. Magical. Indescribable, really. Plus they came in really handy when fighting the battle at the Stone of Destiny. The Elves, too. Lord Eldrin and I have become quite good friends.

Your human friends, Maggie and Finn, also helped, didn’t they?

Aye, they did. Finn is a fantastic fighter despite the fact he’s a Scottish brute.

Hey, I like Finn.

You would. He’s Scottish. He scowls.

Now that you’ve inherited all those fancy titles, what’s next for you? Any future baby plans with Princess Elyne? Wink! Wink!

I don’t want to rush into anything. Grins. And I intend to honor all my titles. Sadly, no more jousting tournaments for me.

Sorry about that, Derron. I’ll see what I can do for you.

I appreciate that.

Thanks for joining me here today! As the star of the book, could you tell the folks at home a little more about it and where to get it?

Aye, I could.

After saving her love, Princess Elyne returns to the Otherworld by order of her mother. But it’s not the homecoming she expects. Furious Elyne has meddled with humans the queen imprisons her and strips away her magic. The only way Elyne can get it back is to perform one selfless act.

When Queen Maeve sends Derron to find the Guardian of the Sword of Light, he can’t leave without releasing Elyne. After all, she altered time to save his life. But freeing the princess comes with a steep price—he must take her with him on this dangerous quest. And the two must deal with feelings of past hurt and the love growing between them.

Their search becomes more than a pursuit for the missing Guardian as Lord Kieran rises to dominate the Unseelie court. He will stop at nothing to gain control of both the Otherworld and the human realm. Even with the help of Elves, dragons and their human friends, the odds are stacked against Derron and Elyne.

Where to purchase:
Ellora’s Cave
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*refers to ONE KNIGHT ONLY

By Michelle

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