Michelle Miles: Why I Wrote This Book

As you’re probably aware, the second book in my Knights in Shining Armor series releases THIS week – on Thursday! I’m very excited about this book. It was great fun to write.

When I finished One Knight Only, I knew there was unfinished business with the two Fae characters. I just couldn’t, in good conscience, leave Elyne and Derron broken up. I had to figure out how to get them back together. I knew it wouldn’t happen One Knight Only. I’d already told the story and I felt like they had more story to tell.

After I’d completed the first one, I started writing Only For A Knight immediately. But, as often happens, I got sidetracked with other things. Other stories and my life in chaos. But I managed to get the book submitted to my editor by Memorial Weekend (my birthday weekend – I wanted to enjoy it knowing the book was done and turned in). So – why I wrote this book… because I knew I had to finish the story. I had to have an HEA with Derron and Elyne. But I also knew it wouldn’t be easy for them.

I’ve long been fascinated with Celtic myths and legends. And I’ve wanted to write a book based on them for a very long time. Since I started writing seriously, in fact, nearly 10 years ago. It’s taken me that long to figure out how to write the story using all the Celtic myths I wanted to incorporate.

I think it’s because I was an inexperienced writer before. I hadn’t a clue how to put together a novel. I knew how to research but I didn’t know how to get all those things into the story without sounding like an info dump or a teacher.

Finally, this story came to me as I finished writing One Knight Only. I knew it would be set in the Otherworld and I knew I would be incorporating several Celtic treasures – the Sword of Light and the Stone of Destiny. But how was another question. I’m such a Pantser I didn’t know the answer to the story questions until I started writing. What I did know for certain was who my characters were. I’d sat down and written out detailed character sketches during one of my unemployment stints. It helped tremendously when writing the book.

And so, I wrote this book because it was something I’d longed to do. A story that I’d been dying to tell. I’m very pleased with the result. I hope you will be too.

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