Michelle’s Guide To Being Anal

So this weekend went by way too quick, as it usually does. Saturday was mostly a wasted day. Wasted for me, anyway. It was HOT. And so we stayed inside pretty much all day and I played with iTunes and my iPod. I’m in love. 😉

Because I’m anal … and I can’t stand when things are not just so I spent about four hours messing with iTunes and getting the songs the way I wanted them to list on my iPod. I know, right? Anal.

Organized is actually another word for it. 😀

Anyway, most of my music came from CDs I had ripped long ago. And becuase of that, iTunes didn’t have the album art. And becuase I’m totally anal, I spent a good portion of the day getting said art and putting it my iTunes. And then I got really busy and resorted the tunes to group all my soundtracks into one “artist” group. See? Anal.

Of course this carried over a little into Sunday. But I think I finally have the iPod just the way I want it.

I also finally broke in my iTunes gift card that I got for my birthday. WOO! I bought an Evanesence album and a couple of other miscellaneous songs. I let the kiddo help me decide since, at the rip old age of 7, he knows what’s hip. Fancy that. I don’t feel so much like a fuddy-duddy anymore. I got a Shinedown song, something from Gnarls Barkley because that “Crazy” song is a big hit in my household and a song from Sixx AM (the new Nikki Sixx band). Oh, and Finger Eleven. See, now don’t I sound hip? haha

In other news – I started a new project that I’m kind of thrilled about. I mentioned it here on the blog a few days or so ago. It’s one of those where the characters started talking and I had no choice but to start writing. I’m about 4000 words and 13 pages in now. I’ve never started off a book with dialogue before – ever – but this is the way this one is dictating to me. I already know who my two main characters are. A smuggler and a bounty hunter. And I have this wild idea that it’s going to be an intergalactic treasure hunt. And my poor heroine has had a bitch of a day in the first 12 pages. Great fun!

Also very sad to report that all the baby birds died. I think it must have been too hot on the front porch where the mamma built her nest. That and she couldn’t keep them fed. Three died on Friday and by Saturday morning the other two were dead. I commissioned Man to dispose of them becuase I refused to even look in the nest another second.

BUT… there is some good news. I got 350 thread count sheets that actually fit my mattress on sale for $45 (regularly $100). I was SO excited. I emailed my mother immediately to tell her what a savvy shopper I was. 😀 I love finding deals like that. They rock.

Guess that’s it for me. Kiddo has a dental appointment this morning so we’re off to do that. Have a happy Monday, ya’ll!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.